My husband's idea of a joke...

  1. Under our tree, he placed a box of oranges. "You said an *orange* box...right?" :shrugs: Hardy har har, husband of mine. :boxing:

    And then...

    Out comes an orange bag, and I am pleased to announce that this one contained no produce that I could see! :wlae:

    Despite hinting like a fool about the scarf that I want (De Tout Coeur in the black colorway), this box was smaller and more of a cube. :confused1:

    What could it be?

    *insert drumroll*

    A BEAUTIFUL ORANGE CLIC CLAC!!!!!! :drool::yahoo::woohoo:

    Her Ladyship is most pleased. :love:

    We always do our exchange a few days early, mainly because I have no self control and want to give him his gift the moment I sign the charge slip. Also, we are so busy from today until Wednesday, it's nice to do the exchange and enjoy it, rather than rush the whole production.

    His Lordship received a replacement Montblanc for the one that he had stolen at Starbucks a while back. Poor guy had it sitting on a table with his laptop and legal pad for 20 seconds while he went to fetch his drink...*poof*. People suck.
  2. Congrats on the Oranges, an amusing husband and a fabulous new Clic-Clac!
  3. tee boxes!!! yay!!!
  4. Nice!! Sounds like his lordship understands you...excellent!

    Enjoy your new clic-clac! :yahoo:
  5. cheeky hubby,

    But a fun one,

  6. :woohoo::woohoo: Congratulations.
    Merry christmas.
  7. ocmommy you are so funny! Sorry to hear about your DH pen:sad: I know when it comes to presents I can't wait either I need to open them ASAP. Congrats on your new bracelet!
  8. Cute! Enjoy your new bracelet. :smile:
  9. Hahaha =P Your DH has a dry sense of humor, but at least you got what you wanted in the end. Congratulatiosn!
  10. Congratulations on the pressie you can't eat! :yahoo:It's great you and your DH don't make e.o. wait. Same here :yes::tup:
  11. I'm glad you DH is fun like that ... AND comes through with the real deal! I love a tease that ends up being the real deal. Merry Christmas!!
  12. Amusing DH. Glad you got him a replacement pen.
    What a great gift. Do post pictures of your clic-clac.
  13. haha, Im sure you were amused. Congrats on the clic-clac.
  14. Oh congrats on the clic clac! And, um, the fruit. :p
  15. An orange Clic Clac... what a fab gift!!! I love Clic Clacs!! Congratulations and enjoy!!