My husband wants a man purse

  1. Any suggestions, he wants something to fit his wallet, keys, sunglasses with case. Pics would be appreciated.:smile:
  2. I like the new Mono Bosphore Messenger PM?

    Its pretty hott to fit the essentials in.
  3. How about a Damier Pochette Melville? Seems perfect.... This pic is from Eluxury
    Pochette Melville.jpg
  4. Get the Damier Geant Archer - Christiano Ronaldo has one and I think it looks awesome. It has enough space to put what your husband wants to put inside it. You can wear it across the waist, across the back/body, also he can also just carry it (just like what C Ronaldo did)

    Otherwise get the Damier version can't remember what its called exactly, or I heard there is a Monogram bum-bag?
  5. The Damier Geant in either the citadin or the archer are lovely choices, there is also a smaller citadin now,I BELIVE (but not 100% sure) its the citadin PM and it's quite reasonable at 690 USD I belive but I will say they damier geant is a beautiful line for men. the damier olav is nice too but might be a little too feminine for him my father just bought the citadin and he loves it, although I was APPALLED buy the way he just flings it everywhere.
  6. My hubby carries a Kenneth Cole messenger bag. Perhaps something from that line?
  7. [​IMG]
    Pochette Selenga$980.00

    Pochette Kaluga$675.00

    Pochette Saint Louis$630.00

    [​IMG]Orsay Pochette$650.00
  8. i personally wouldn't go for a clutch bag or "murse". if you can still hunt for one, a Mono Glace Bobby is the best small bag for men imo :yes:
  9. Something Damier!
  10. the reporter model is a good one. very stylish
  11. I like the stuff in the damier geant.
  12. i like the damier geant collection because it looks more modern. if he is more mature, go for the taiga! damier would be nice too.
  13. I think Epi is best for men. I got DH Zippy Organizer in black Epi last Christmas. Smaller than what you need, but he really likes it. I won't say he 'loves' it, b/c he's still getting over how much I spent... but that's just him...! If it was $100 then he'd say he loves it.:lol:
  14. Something Damier, Taiga or Epi looks great on guys!
  15. Thank you for all your help!!!;)