My husband sucks


Let's get some shoes
May 10, 2007
Not really but he IS playing the bad guy (the voice of reason LOL)

Those pink Pompadouce on feabay have been listed THREE times and they haven't sold. I keep telling him they are just meant to be mine and are waiting for ME to buy them. Right...he laughs at that.

We are saving for something big for me (I could tell you but I'd have to kill you!) so he keeps pulling the "What do you want more, x or the shoes?". That's no fair! I want x AND the shoes!

So, hopefully I will find the Pompadouce again when I can get them. I hope they don't become the ones that (permanently) got away.
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OMG Shoez!
Jun 18, 2007
sorry june :sad:

they could always pop up later.... you don't have a bday.. anniversary... job promotion.. anything you could use as an excuse to get them? :graucho:

look on the bright side though... im sure whatever you are getting that is causing him to say no to the shoes is fabulous enough that you will be okay with not having the shoes in the long run! :smile: