My husband spotted a fake Coach!

  1. I thought this was really funny. I had to share!

    Since buying a fake coach on eBay (before finding this place) my husband, who determined that my bag was a fake, has been almost as coach crazy as I am! He told me that yesterday he spotted a nicely dressed women in 7-11 with an obviously (to him) fake signature purse. (I don't know which kind) He mentioned that the C's didn't line up and the stitching looked all crooked! She also had on a pair of coach glasses. I'm not an expert on the glasses (yet) but he said they were big and black with black and white logos on the sides. He just assumed they were fake since the purse was and he wished I was there to show off my REAL coach!!! :yes:
  2. LOL too funny! Everytime my fiancee sees a girl with a coach bag he elbows me and says "Hey is that one fake? Go tell her!"
  3. Hahaha Good job!! That's funny. My B/F couldnt know the difference
  4. That's funny and sweet he's showing an interest.
  5. We were chatting with a friend at church and she saw my Coach bag. She then starts telling us about these cool purse parties that have fake coach bags. My hubby then blurts out "oh she would never carry a fake, and I would never buy her one."

    And then he glanced down and saw the fake bag she had. Um, it was very quite after that.
  6. LMAO! My husband is the same way. He is the one that started me onto Coach when he bought me my first bag. He even has the drilldown site bookmarked in his favorites!
  7. LOL!!!
  8. Oh my goodness, that is too funny! I am pretty good at spotting fakes, thanks to what I have learned here at the purse forum. On the other hand my husband couldn't spot a fake if it hit him straight in the head.
  9. Oh my! I saw a HORRID fake yesterday, it was seriously soooo bad. Why would anyone ever carry something like that?

    My dh doesn't know Coach at all but given a little time, he will probably get better at it. He tends to pick up things like that.
  10. That is so cute.
  11. My husband actually showed interest last night. I have been trying to decide on a purse and he actually gave me his opinion. He actually looked at the pictures and thought about it too. I was so proud, ROTFLOL!
  12. LOL your husband should join tPF too!!