my husband spilled egg nog

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  1. on my purse. It got on the vachetta! I've been wiping it with baby wipes all day. I was so mad. He was like "it's just a purse" lol
  2. Oh, no! so sorry. Which purse was it?
  3. That sucks.
  4. Oh my, which one? Has the vachetta started to patina?

    Best of luck with the wipes.
  5. guysssssssssss
  6. Oh that sucks! Which purse is it?
  7. oh gosh, no men will understand that "its just a purse" will NEVER ever work!! that will only make US feel much worse..
    Hope everything clears up, goodluck!
  8. its my monogram papillon 26. he spilled in on the coffee table where my bag was sitting and it left stains on the bottom.
  9. Urgh! That sucks! :Push:
  10. bang bang!!! :noggin:
  11. So sorry to hear that Latinamodel!!!! Let us know how it comes out when you're done cleaning it! Good luck!! :smile:
  12. It's just a purse!!?? OMG, he deserves a beating right now by each and every one of us! LOL, but seriously, I hope it doesn't stain too bad...
  13. yay time for a new Christmas gift ;)
  14. Eeek!
  15. yikes! I am sorry to hear about it :'(, hope baby wipe can bring the vachetta back to normal.