My husband must love my Coach bags more than I thought!


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Aug 22, 2007
As some of you know, I have recently developed an interest in Louis Vuitton bags. I would like to get a Speedy, but we can't afford to do it until probably January since my husband isn't getting as many hours this summer as he will get when fall begins. I have about a dozen Coach bags, and I thought I could see about selling my Gigi and Lindsay to fund the Speedy and get it sooner. (Yes, I am impatient :graucho: ). They are heavy/bulky bags (as much as I love them), and thought maybe I would get more wear out of a Speedy.

Well, I mentioned this to my husband who began to try and talk me out of selling the bags because "They are much nicer than any Louis Vuitton I have seen, and no one else around here has them. Besides, I think you'll regret it soon and it will cost you more to replace them than you paid at the outlet if you can even find one again." And he went on and on about not getting rid of them, and how nice they looked lol. So I guess I am holding on to them now. I don't know if I would regret selling them, but I guess if he's willing to help me brainstorm other ways to buy the Speedy I am open to them. :roflmfao:

So much for his teasing about how many bags I have. He must not really think I have too many. ;)


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Apr 27, 2009
Now that is a very good man... You will regret selling those bags they are hard to find in good condition and they are pricey for there age...

The Speedy is not going anywhere...LV does not change there line esp the Speedy... Now if you are still in a rush there are tons of Speedy of all sizes going for amazing prices on Bonanzle and Ebay.. and some people will trade even if they do not say so in there listing ... Just email them...

If not you will get an amazing Speedy at the begining of the year and still have your great Coach... just think of it this way you will be able to figure out which speedy and maybe there will be a new Lmt'ed Edt by then..


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Feb 12, 2010
I have to agree with your husband on this one. If I had a Gigi or a Lindsay I wouldn't part with them for anything! Those are beautiful unique bags that are hard to find and there's no way I would sell them to buy something as (IMHO!) unremarkable as a Speedy.

Hang in there! It will all work around to you getting the bag(s) of your dreams!


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Apr 20, 2010
I agree. Those particular bags are $$$ to try and get now and that's even if you find them. I know in my case my DH gripes about "how many bags do you need" but in the end he knows what smiles they bring me so he really doesn't care. It sounds like your DH is the same way and that he isn't opposed to an LV at some point (just with different funding). I think the chance of regret of selling them is great even after you have an LV in your hand.


Jul 26, 2007
That's cute. My dh is the same way. He does not like the idea of me selling any of my bags to fund others. He has purchased almost all my bags so he sees it as getting rid of a gift from him. Plus he says they are already paid for so might as well keep them and use them. Or save them for our daughter.


Feb 8, 2009
Those bags are beautiful....however, if you do not carry them because they are heavy it does not make sense to hold on to them. Better to have someone else love them than sit in the closet and collect dust. Especially if you think you will carry a Speedy more. But like everyone said, the Speedy will be there 2 years from now :smile: So I would hold off if you love those Coach bags...your hubby is too funny! Wish I had a man who showed as much interest in my bags, LOL.