My husband met my b-bag last night

  1. He wasn't the least bit impressed. I picked up my Ink City and said, "Honey, look what I got." And he made this face:s .

    I realize that just because I'm in love with the bag doesn't mean he has to be, but come on, give me something!

    Anyone else have a similar experience with their SOs?
  2. hell yeah! My fiance does NOT get my love of bags and he does not appreciate me spending the way i dooooo! :s
  3. I keep remembering my husband saying "why do you need so many?". He thinks all I need is a black and a brown one!:wtf: He hasn't met a lot of my bags yet.:graucho:

  4. DITTO!! ;)
  5. Not my husband. My sister. I was going on and on about these bags and I showed them to her and she is like "Uh, ok. Sure". But her idea of fashion is going out to a nice restaurant in a cheap, wrinkled, thermal crew and wrinkled pants and sneakers. So I just had to remember the source.
  6. My other half just doesnt seem to get it! I sent him a pic to his phone when I got my new french blue twiggy and all i got as a reply was..... um its just another bag!!!!:cursing: :cursing: What was he talking about!!!!!! He doesnt see the need for two bbags the same colour in different styles so what hope is there for him!
  7. My husband is unimpressed with my bags in general, with the exception of my Rouge Theatre Day, which he loves because it "looks like a racecar". I presume he means the color. He also mentioned that "it looks really expensive." Um, yeah. It does.
  8. Ah, MRG, our hubbies should hang out together, while you and I can have clandestine conversations and 'sharing' experiences with our Bbags. ;) :graucho: :rolleyes:
  9. Awww, most guys do not get the handbag thing. Most of them wonder why we need a handbag in the first place. What more could we need than what they carry ... a wallet, some change, keys and a pocket knife : )

    Of course, this means you will have to love your bag for both of you :yes:
    BTW, congratulations, Ink is a fabulous colour!

    I wish you well,

  10. My mom doesn't get why I need so many sometimes :p but when we go buy it together she gets excited lol she's funny :biggrin:

    but nah my husband gets happy for me and I model it for him and he tells me he likes it etc. he's the one who gave me my first LV so he can't fuss..LOL
  11. my SO.. well to him it's just a BAG.. to me it's.. THE BAG! anyways, some bags he likes and he would suggest I wear that certain bag for the night :biggrin: eheh i so wishe he shared my passion!
  12. boys are so unimpressed when it comes to bbags :rolleyes: actually...maybe to handbags in general!! :lol: my bf never understands my deep obsession, but hey, he doesn't have to!! I'm obsessed enough for both of us, many times over!!! :wlae:
  13. when my hubby met my first bbag, he was like: "This is it?" It was the lightest thing...and to top it off, w/thin leather, too! But now, he really thinks it looks nice on me! :p
  14. My husband HATES my b-bags. He thinks they are the ugliest bags ever. What does he know?

    Congrats on your ink city! Excellent choice.
  15. I cant even mention "bbag" in from of my DH