My Husband Just Said...........

  1. Okay, just showed him my new bag, and this is what he said, (brace yourselves ladies), "A WOMAN ONLY NEEDS ONE BAG". :mad: :mad:

    He just doesn't get it. :sad2: Of course, I told him, that's crazy, we need as many bags as we can possible afford!!!!!! :lol:
  2. Men... they just don't understand our needs (for bags)! :lol:
  3. Any time my husband says that, I tell him I need only one bag like he only needs one set of tools :nuts: I also reminded him of that point, because he loves going to Nascar races. Once he wanted to go to Daytona and I said, "But honey, aren't all the races the SAME?? ;)
  4. AMEN!
  5. YEAH!! I tell my BF almost the same thing cause he LOVE LOVE his Video games:love::love: so its an endless discussion between purses vs video games. of course his xbox 360 was ONLY $400... so he is kinda in the right:shame: But in the end he says "what makes ever you happy...." Mwahh.. Me-One Bf-Zero :biggrin:
  6. That makes no sense. You need at least two bags!
  7. Mine doesn't get it either. I have to "ease" him into a new bag. He never gets to see it right away, then when I carry it regularly and he finally notices, I tell him I've had it for awhile.:lol:

  8. Love that!!!!!!
  9. :amazed: How can we possibily live with just one. :lol:
  10. LOL oh men!!
  11. that is EXACTLY what i do!! i don't wear new bags often until they are at least a couple of weeks old. then when the bf notices i said, 'oh this old thing? i've had it for a while but havent worn it yet.'
  12. My bf says a woman needs at least one good expensive bag...which is a good start!

    He gets a lil' peeved when I buy bags that look the in I can't have multiple pochettes, papillons (in different material) and they must be a mixture of handheld, messenger and shoulder. LOL He likes to have some control over what he's spending his money on, I don't mind though..its not hard to find a style that both of us can agree on.
  13. i have been pestering my bf for comments on this bag and that bag for the past few weeks as i was being so indecisive ... he finally said to me the other day "Honey, i am running out of comments for you... I tried everthing. I even told you to get both. Can you show me something else now, other than the spy and noe??" LOL!
  14. Tell him he only needs one channel (on the TV). See how that makes him feel! haha!
  15. my bf thinks i should have a new hobbie... like reading (something that is free or relatively cheap). my old addiction was jeans (i have 50+ pairs of designer jeans by now) and now it's bags... he is ok w/ 1 1k bag... so i tell him the others are cheapies like coach ;). he doesnt need to know that MJs and fendis cost just as much as LV.