My husband just bought me a little something!

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  1. My husband just came home from a trip and picked this beauty up in Copenhagen on the way back among other things :wlae: He really has great taste :heart:

    I used to be a die hard Gucci fan but I've been focusing on other designers lately and I'm really out of the loop with Gucci now so.... does anyone know what this one is called and/or the name of the color, wich I really really like? It's got such a beatiful grey tone to it.

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  2. nope, but it's a beautiful bag!

    i would look it up for you but gucci's site (since when?! i guess it's been awhile since i've checked) doesn't support my browser.

    congrats on such a great/thoughtful husband, thus the bag ;)
  3. It is part of the Gucci britt collection. Congrats. I actually looked at that bag last weekend saks.
  4. Thanks whitney and ellie, I checked on but couldn't find the exact model. I really love that they brought the interlocking G's back, I remember spending hours on ebay trying to find a vintage one in good condition but never had any luck.
  5. Congrats.
  6. So beautiful. I love it.

    Congrats, what a great gift.
  7. What a great gift!!
  8. it's stunning, congrats.:yes:
  9. Very pretty bag!! LOVE the hardware and the colour...CONGRATS!! Your husband is so sweet and has such good taste!!!
  10. gorgeous!!! :smile: :smile:
  11. congrats.. you have such a sweet hubby...
  12. Thanks ladies, my hubby really is the sweetest thing when it comes to presents :heart: I can't get over how soft the leather is, my guccissima hobo is much stiffer. I'm totally in love with it now :love:
  13. He has great taste!
  14. yea this is apart of the gucci britt collection, i believe saks has/had it on their site. gorgeous bag!
  15. Can your husband have a chat w/ my husband...hmmmmmm? :smile: