My husband is trying to torture me....

  1. he laid this out on the coffee table before he left this morning.

    I am not aloud to touch it until my dinner tonight.

    I argued that its my birthday this morning and in the evening so why not I have to sit and look at it all day....

    he said he booby-trapped it so he will know if I open it :sad:
  2. Pic??? :drool:
  3. okay I need to title to be TORTURE not toture hah

    I keep clicking on manage attachments and I can't get that pop up box to open....
  4. :popcorn:
  5. okay I keep clicking manage attatchments and the box won't come up....nothing happens when I click it :crybaby:
  6. and its a smaller box...since I recently got an ostrich kelly...he got me a little something something for my birthday but nothing too big big....bc I am already spoiled
  7. :whistle:happy birthday to you:whistle:
    :whistle:happy birthday to you:whistle:
    :whistle:happy birthday dear Guccigal:whistle:
    :whistle:happy birthday to you:whistle:
  8. thank you Fleur! I love birthdays!!
  9. Happy Birthday GG :balloon::party:
    Its gonna be a long day for you, having to wait til later. No peeking!!!
  10. :whistle: *joins in on the Happy Birthday song* :whistle:

    How big is the box??
  11. I think I have a clue of what it is. which it better be that......
  12. MODS>>>>>>>>>>>>can you fix my spelling of torture so I don't look like an idiot who can't spell?

  13. I'd have to peek. I have no restraint. SO knows better than to leave something out and tell me it's a present and not to touch it :whistle: :lol: Especially if it's an orange box!!!
  14. got it....
  15. and it is my birthday so he really can't get mad at me right?