My husband is the best Sort Of!

  1. Well my husband is going to buy me any Coach purse I want within 500 dollars if I get my weight down to 169. Its mostly for my health and to get me exercising some Im hoping before Christmas I can get something off my wishlist :smile: So I will start dieting and thinking of another purse for myself and one I dont even have to buy!!!!
  2. Yeh! Put a picture of the bag you'd like on your exercise equipment, like a treadmill, and walk your way to your goal!

    Good Luck to your Health, and you'll be enjoying that new bag soon!
  3. Awww....that's awesome! Good luck to you!
  4. What a great hubby!:love: Good luck!
  5. That is very sweet of him :yes:! I used the Coach catalog as a motivator on my (bike) trainer - it works!
  6. I should give this a try too! When I lose the weight I want I'll reward myself! Good idea Lady!!!
  7. That's good motivation! Good luck!
  8. If you want a great free online tool use Sparkpeople. I use it and it's great. You can track food, exercise, print out menu plans, etc. Very nice. Good luck!
  9. awe its sweet of him to help motivate you! good luck!
  10. Good luck! You'll look great and have a new purse. That's cool!
  11. Wow! That's like a super good idea..

    Talk about motivation! Haha! If I were to have gotten that offer I would totally take it! XD
  12. What great motivation!! How about a mid-range goal, like you get to order your penguin keyfob or a skinny when you lose 13 lbs? You go girl!! Can't wait to celebrate your new bag purchase with you once you hit your goal!
  13. Oh, hon, the best of luck!! Can't wait to see what you pick! :tup:
  14. Good for you, arm candy is the best motivator ever! I used to go to Weight Watchers meetings in the basement of my local Nordstrom, and I had to walk through the shoe department to get there every week. I lost 5 lbs and rewarded myself with the boots I had been eying. Then I never went back. Oh well...the boots still fit:shame:. Nevermind, I am a bad go girl!!
  15. Thanks for all the advice. I am probably going to get the Signature Tote in gunmetal and black. I do not know yet. I am hoping to lose enough so I can get it before the next PCE so I can get an invite. I want the Bleecker wristlet. Santa is getting the penguin key fob for Christmas and maybe the wristlet to match my hampton hobo. I am having to detox for a procedure so it is a good way to kick off the diet. :smile: