My husband is a sweetheart!!!!!!

  1. So my husband today, as part of my anniversary present, redid a closet in my sitting room just for my shoes! Its came out pretty good! I couldnt get all the shelves in the shot but there are a total of eight! He is such a good shoe husband. But he did say "Uh how many shoes do you have" LOL

  2. Oh the closet also extends on either side of the door about 3 so there are more shoes not pictured! HA!
  3. Oh (can you tell I am excited) on the right side, that goes back pretty far and he put deep shelves, four of them, and that is were I will hid presents from my kids! :smile:
  4. Awesome job!! BTW I love your shoes! They look so gorgeous on the new shelves, better than a boutique!
  5. Lucky you! I have to switch my shoes around each season -- not enough room.
  6. he is a keeper:yes:
  7. That's a sweet husband if you ask me.
  8. Ahh thanks guys! He did score some major brownie points!! :smile: He is looking at me kind of strange tonight, kind of like a dog that wants to be rewarded with a treat...oy!
  9. He did a great job, It's so cool when you can see your shoes laid out nicely.
  10. Great husband you have! Oh and please do post those 8 rows of shoes in my sticky thread!
  11. Your husband is so sweet.
  12. What a great shoe closet!! And an even better DH!!!
  13. wow i need those shelves! now i just stack them up in boxes in my closet.
  14. Looks great and I love your shoe closet! Your have the best husband!
  15. Looks great!:yahoo:Hang on to that man!:smile: