My husband is a gift from God :)

  1. So I went to the salon yesturday to get my nails done .. and I see that they have an offer for spray tan .. you get one session for 29.99 pounds and two sessions for 39.99 .. so you get the second one for 10 .. I was intreged since I have been so pale all winter haha ... so I got a spray tan right there and then (not really like me since I like to plan these kinds of things) .. I get tans all the time in the summer but I never really tried these self tanning things ... plus I got a haircut to top it off ... I had gotten highlghts a few weeks ago so the vut really complimented the color of my hair .. and the tan gave a new twist to the whole look ....
    When my husband came home from work he was AMAZED to say the least!!! .. he loved the new look so much!! ... he said it looked so hot and sexy plus he was surprised so that added to it all :smile: let's just say we didn't go out at all yesturday ;) haha!!! ... anyway he was sooooooo in love with this new bronze babe look :P that he was like "you deserve a new bag!! what do you want!! you name it!!" I was like :nuts: !!!! But since we are moving soon I didnt want to be a big B and ask for something too expensive ... so I asked for an LV monogram speedy 30 and that is what he got me this afternoon!!! :biggrin: ....
    I fell in love with him all over again!! not because he got me a new bag .. but because I know we need the money and he still got me something I love :amuse: ... what a sweetheart!! I am soooooo lucky!!! :P

    pictures! :biggrin:
    sorry for the poor quality .. he forgot our camera at work yesturday so I had to use my mobile phone camera ... but you get the picture .. no pun intended :P

  2. That is too sweet !! Congrats on your new bag.. and bagging yourself a keeper. ;)
  3. How wonderful! What a sweet gesture and it's my favorite bag! You're going to love it!
  4. that is adorable!! I can't wait to get married! ;)
  5. sweet!! Good choice. I hope you enjoy your new Speedy!
  6. Very sweet!! congrats on your new bag!!!
  7. WOW! I just love to hear beautiful stories like that! What a GREAT GUY he is! You are very very fortunate to have him. I am sure he's just as fortunate to have you as well.

    You are TOO FUNNY with the, "we didn't go out at all yesterday" line! I think that is just so romantic and lovely! He had the sweetest things to say to you! Gave me chills..........

    Congratulations on your beautiful new look AND your fabulous new bag! I love those Speedy's!! You chose a great size, too!

    Enjoy your new bag you bronze sex goddess you!!! ;)
  8. Yay; such a great story! Testimonies like yours are so encouraging (I've been married for 1 year), given that many marriages don't last for one reason or another. You and your husband are a gift to each other.

    Congratulations on a such a classic bag!
  9. AWE! Great story!! Congrats on both the bag and a super sweetie of a hubby!
  10. hubbies are just as good to have as bags!! you can ask me .. i have had him for almost 10 years now!! haha!! good thing the kids sleep early on friday nights!! hahahaha ...
    thansk everyone!! :biggrin: I love my bag and I love him even more for caring this much :smile:
  11. I LOVE Your Story....You Truly Are "His Angel!".....Enjoy That Beautiful New Speedy!
  12. his_angel,
    That's soo sweet. Thanks for sharing that story.
  13. Sweet bag, sweet husband, sweet story!
  14. Thanks for sharing your lovely story. Hope you enjoy your new Speedy -- it's beautiful!!!
  15. What a lovely treat, I'm so happy for you!