My husband had to drag me in, but I knew just what I wanted...


Jun 2, 2008
Congrats on your new bracelet! You have a lovely Hermes jewelry collection. I especially love the Farandole necklace!


Dec 18, 2008
Thank you everybody for sharing in my reveal and for all the nice comments! I had fun taking the pictures, although my husband thought I was nuts, walking from room to room with all my bracelets and boxes while trying to find good lighting.

sbelle and Precious Happy - Yes!!! Jason is my man!!! We just moved here this past summer and he's helped me with all of my H purchases. He's such a sweetheart and even though I haven't made any big purchases yet, he always makes me feel like I'm just as special and important as any of his other customers.

BHmommy - I only got the Rivale on my most recent trip, but most of it has been purchased since we moved to Charlotte in June. The dangers of finally living in a city with an H store!! I really try to stay away from that end of the mall ;).


May 10, 2010
on the orange slippery slope
Swezfam, the rivale looks amazing on you! It makes me want to run to H to try it on!! You have a great collection and you're right that being near an H is dangerous.

I'm considering taking a job a few blocks away from my nearest H. It is approx. 45mins farther from my house and less paying than the other position I am considering. BUT I could take lunch breaks at H :amuse: