My husband got me a JC for our anniversary!

  1. First, you have to know, my husband is a TOTAL penny pincher. Second, he's not into luxury jewelry, bags, etc. HOWEVER... it seems he wanted to do something COMPLETELY for fun for me and he knows I like bags, but have been SUPER frugal and so on.

    I don't know what got into him, but he got me a very, very expensive bag!!!! I guess his Mom and Aunt always had an expensive purse, so he thought it was about time I had one.... and for our 14th anniversary when we normally don't even exchange gifts??? I got him a Borat Mankini for a joke! (he's going as Borat for Halloween!)

    Anyway, I can't find the bag ANYWHERE online. It is the Carolina Clutch, but it is that striped eel like the Ramona. Instead of the stripes going Horizontal, they go vertical. He got it at Nordstroms, and today we went to the mall and I saw one there.... $1895!!!!

    Now, do you think this is a bag I will use for 20 to 30 years? It's totally my style (I like stripes and Geometrics) but when I was thinking of getting an expensive bag, I was thinking of one I would use every day, not a going out bag. He got a going out bag for me so that I feel super special while we are out.

    I LOVE the size and it has a detachable strap and it is GORGEOUS, but now the practical side of me is raising his head and wondering, "is this wise?"

    I'll take a picture of it when it's not the middle of the night (toddler woke me up GOOD this time!) That, and I can't get this bag out of my mind. He's NEVER, EVER done anything like that for me!!!!
  2. it's really sweet of your hubby to do that. Happy 14th Anniversary!!! ;)

    but i'm with you on this one - the practical side of me will prob reign over. wouldn't it also be nice to have an everyday bag that you can use every day (lol) which will remind you of your hubby's sweetness all the time!?

    just my 2 cents.
  3. Congratulations! What a sweet, thoughtful DH with amazing taste. The Carolina is a gorgeous oversized clutch. I have been thinking about it myself lately. Here is a picture until you get a chance to post. Would love to see pictures of yours. I have not seen it IRL. What is the eel skin like? Also, for fun, take a look at She has a nice piece about your new bag.



    My advice to you regarding the practicality issue is to accept and enjoy your new bag. Your DH appears to have put so much thought and love into your anniversary gift. How sweet that he wanted to give you something special to enjoy on your nights out together. You can always get a practical bag sometime in the future.
    carolina.jpg carolina 1.jpg
  4. I think he wanted to get a "going out" bag because we have promised ourselves that we NEEEEEED to do that more often. :tup: We are just coming off a pretty bad slump (little kids seem to do that to us since neither of our kids SLEPT!!!).:tdown: When the sleep gets better, we get better.

    Anyway, we have gone out exactly TWO times since he was born 31 months ago (almost) :wtf: and we have just made arrangements with a friend to swap kid watching every month, so we know AT LEAST once a month we will have a REAL date. My MIL can watch the kids once a month for us too. It wouldn't kill her to watch them once in awhile!!! (she lives just 3 miles away). So, that's the plan, more nights out.:yahoo:

    So, I understand the "gift"... and maybe it's a way to make sure we DOOOOOO go out if we socked away a small fortune in a silly bag!:rolleyes:

    It's the perfect size. Bigger than most clutches which are ridiculously small, but not a huge purse.

    The leather feels divine. Eel skin is more durable too, so it shouldn't wear out on me.

    I'll have to go check out that blog!
  5. OK, here's a picture. I'll have to take one in better lighting as this looks all dark and the flash hits the metallics and makes it look different than it really is:


    Oh, and he also said another he got it for me is because I'm going to be a marriage officiant soon and he knew I would need a bag that was a bit dressier, but big enough to hold a notebook and such. He also liked that the designer name wasn't splashed all over the bag and I appreciate that too. I guess he does listen! ;)
  6. Wow! That color is not on the Choo site, just the black and animal print. After you posted about the Carolina, (I was up at 3am this morning - my wake up call came from my elderly dog, rather than a toddler) I did a Google search. Lots of people feel it could be used as a dressier day bag. So is your bag reddish brown and silver? I love eelskin. I bought my hubby a wallet last year. It is supposed to outlast leather. The feel is interesting, kinda squeaky like rubbber, but softer than the softest lambskin. You husband did a great job...what a nice surprise! Happy Anniversary! And good for you, getting out more now.
  7. The color of the metallic eel is bronzish silver and the hardware is gold and the other eel color inbetween is a dark espresso brown - just like on the Mahala bag.

    I just read the back of the card that was in the pocket and it says:

    "Eel skin, though very fine and supple, is an exotic skin and is extremely delicate. We therefore advise you to take extra care when handling the product or when wearing jewelry as this exotic skin is suspectible to scratches and snags particularly in the case of metallic eel skin. In addition, we advise that you avoid contact of the product with chemical and atmospherica agents (e.g. make-up, perfume, rain, etc) as these agents will damage the delicate eel skin."

    :wtf: Now, I'll be afraid to use it!!!:sweatdrop: I wonder if I'm supposed to treat it with anything?
  8. Thats wonderful. I feel you on dilemma of day vs. evening bag. I always go for the day bags, but then again this is a GIFT, so its extra special than something you've bought for yourself. What color is yours?? Ive never seen the Carolina bag myself, Ive never been to a Jimmy Choo boutique. And I never seem to see Choo bags when Im at the mall, which is sorta a good thing...makes'em seem even more exclusive!

    That clutch is gorgeous, and it has a chain strap too, perfect! I would say yes, you'll use it for 20-30 years. Especially that it is an evening bag, you'll use it less, so less wear and tear...and you wont tire of it, the way we sometimes do with frequently used bags. It's more special, and because your hubby bought it and put alot of thought into it, you dont want to wear it out too much anyways. It looks like something that can be worn with ANY outfit though, fabulous!
  9. Omg, I just saw the color :wtf:

    I would put that bag in the same category as the Chanel reissue, which I never did get. I think I like that one better, damn sexy....
  10. berryblondeboys...Wow. that is gorgeous and what a great color! I'd wear it with jeans and a silk blouse and some nice boots. No way do I save any of my bags for just dress up! Yummmmmy!:girlsigh:
  11. ^^^I know right, Id dress that sucker DOWN. Forggedaboutit!!! :roflmfao:
  12. Your new Choo is gorgeous! I agree you can dress it up or dress it down. What a great hubbie to do something unpredictable and surprise you with this great bag! Congrats!
  13. He did good, didn't he? I think he had help though. As much as I can't STAND my MIL, she is a fashion guru (well, at least used to be, but now that she's retired, she's much more casual). His aunt is Burberry queen (and they are European). He said he saw it while passing through Nordstroms and he thought it was beautiful and very me. (That he even NOTICED bags is beyond me!) He said at first he about died when he saw the price tag, but then, looked online and found that "all" bags were very expensive that he liked! :wtf: I think he must have shown a picture of it or after picking it up gotten the nod of approval from his mom, but maybe not.:yes:

    It really can be worn with ANYTHING which is what he was thinking. He was very, very sneaky!!! He told me not to expect more gifts like this, but that once in awhile (like every 14 years I guess! :graucho: something extravagant is worth it.) I think he's realized that he had been VERY neglectful in EVERYTHING the last few years. He's spending more time with me, got me a nice gift and just seems "in love" again... He always "loved" me, but that feeling of "in love" comes and goes in relationships, unfortunately. I'm hoping to keep this "lovin' feeling" for awhile though! It's working good so far! :p
  14. it's a lovely, thoughtful gift--do keep it and wear it in the best of health! it will stay with you for years
  15. OK, here are some better pictures (don't worry, it was sitting on something to keep it purty!):