My husband embaressed me at Coach

  1. Last night DH and I stopped into Coach after we picked up my dress from Macy*s. He saw the LE Lilly Straw Basket and he started laughing really loud and asked what fruit cake would carry that oversized banana bucket. I couldn't help but laugh but my face turned bright red and I dragged him out of there. That was his first time in the Coach store here and you can be sure it will be his last time. :push::sweatdrop:
  2. well he's kind of right -- it's SOOO big who would want to carry it.. lol
    You should ask him to redeem himself by buying you a little something Coach :smile:
  3. oh man. faux pas!

    at least someone wasn't carrying it behind your or something...(which is always my luck when i say something is fugly...)
  4. That's hilarious! I can totally see my husband saying the exact same thing, so don't feel too bad. I would have laughed, too. Actually, I kind of agree with him.:push:
  5. LMAO. I saw that one in the catalog. My DH tends to say things like "You can find that at Wal-mart or Target for 20 bucks" really loud when looking at bags. I go by myself now.
  6. Yeah I know he was right and it was ugly, but he said it so loud and so rude like. I told him he owes me big time now.
  7. DOH!:push:

    DH has no desire to go into Coach and that is probably a good thing!
  8. LOL! That's funny! Sounds like something my hubby would do... he went into an LV store ONCE with me and I decided NEVER again would that happen. To make it worse, his buddy was with us... :blink:
  9. aw, reminds me of a little when i take my 3 year old nephew places...hehe.
  10. LOL.... don't worry about it!! I am sure most of the SAs are thinking the same thing - but just can't say it outloud!! :supacool:
  11. My husband acts like a 3-year old more often than a 33-year old. :p
  12. Oh, don't husband falls asleep in the back lounge chairs in Coach. Well the SA's all know by now that he does that and he holds my coffee and my own handbag until I wake him up...reminds me of all of the older couples that wait at the doctor's office here in Florida...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK
  13. then you should threaten to take away his play time...

  14. Omgosh, too funny! I guess I've been lucky, my DH has been well-behaved when we go.
    Come to think of it, he has been really good about all my purchases so far.
    He even stopped on the way to the airport, to let me run in and get the Signature Stripe iPod case to take on our trip.
    Needed this jog in my memory....thanks!
  15. Don't fret over it. Sometimes stuff like that happens.
    For this reason I never take my husband with me when
    I go shopping at Coach. It would just be like him to make a comment like that and I would totally turn red.
    When we'd get outside most likely I would pull on his ears. I'm sure the Coach SA's weren't bothered by this.