My Husband Doesn't Like It . . . But I Do

  1. Here is my newest addition. My husband does not like the emblem, but I think it's different and cute:

  2. I think it's adorable! Enjoy!
  3. Very cute! :yes:
  4. Tell your husband that his job is to hand over the credit card, not give opinions ...hehehe:cutesy: I think its a fun casual bag.
  5. :yes: Amen to that! Besides, his opinion is somewhat spurious, as the man has not picked out his own clothes in many, many years.
  6. Oops, double post.
  7. well its cute but i dont like that emblem also..
  8. I have always been fascinated by the Medieval period, knights and jousting and castles and so forth, so it appealed to me. I also just won a YSL jeweled cross bag (Byzance), which has a similar feel.
  9. It's cute. I like that emblem.