My husband discovered my new Coach...

  1. I just recently got into Coach. I got married less than a year ago and am currently the bread winner while my husband tries to get work in freelance, so we don't have tons of extra money to toss around. We aren't poor by any means, but we aren't well off either. I finally broke down two weeks ago and bought my first Coach bag, the medium black on black Hamptons signature carry all. It was 25% off at Dillard's, so I thought I was getting a pretty sweet deal!

    Anyway, my husband has seen me drooling over the Coach website and the catalogs. He's even suggested I get a fake bag to help my hunger, but I just couldn't do that!

    He didn't notice my new bag for two weeks (being a man, he doesn't really pay attention to my bags and stuff), even though I've carried it everyday. This past weekend, we were in a store buying some camping stuff, when he happened to glance my bag, and that's when I saw the realization in his eyes. He was talking to a SA at the time, so he waited until we got in the car to quiz me about my bag. Needless to say, he was quite upset about my purchase and forbid me to buy anymore. He couldn't believe I'd spend that much on a bag. This upset me, because I'd like to get a couple more bags!

    Do any of you have husbands that completely don't get your love for Coach? My husband can't fathom spending $200-$300 on a bag. :crybaby:
  2. My husband gets fact HE surprised ME w/ a Coach yesterday....see my post!!! Normally he thinks my "obsession" is CRAZY, but he does give in to it sometimes!!! :yes:
  3. i wonder if he was upset u spent the $$$, or upset u didnt discuss it w him.
  4. My DH is this way.. He hates my Purse Addiction.. he thinks it is silly.

    He has not forbid me to buy anything though.. He has told me that I need to wait until next month at times :p

    We both bring in an income so I don't really see it as a big deal as long as our bills are paid and we have food to eat!

    Maybe if you save up for the other bags you want it will be ok?

    I used to pay tons of money for day care and now that I am at home more I have some extra cash :graucho:
  5. hubby wouldn't get angry. He's usually the main supporter of my habbit. He understands that we both have our hobbies and interests, and when we have the means he says go for it.

    Maybe your hubby's just angry caz he didn't know about it? I'll bet next time if you run the idea by him and tell him that won't hurt finacially, he will agree to another bag. We have to work for something, right? Enjoy your bag!
  6. I wish my husband was like that! That's awesome! :tup:
  7. Oh hun not to worry your not alone. For the most part my husband has never understood nor will ever understand my love for Coach. But he understands (finally) that this is my passion and he'd better just back off. My bills are paid and Im a happy girl! I'd like you to see my newest Coach addition.....he just laughs now!:tup:

    I'm also a brand new black on black carryall mama:yahoo:
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  8. Yeah, I think he was more angry that I spent the money without consulting him. Next time, I will try to work with him on it. I've told him I'd like a new Ipod ($250 kind) several times, and he keeps telling me to just go get one. I'll try to save for one or something.
  9. Thank god my SO isnt like that! He totally understands, because he has a love for Jordan shoes which usually run about $175.00 each pair(He buys on average about 3 pairs a month). BUT, my question to you is-if you can afford it, and it was your hard earned money..why is he so pissed?? Im sure its just me, I just dont understand. Good luck on your future purchases, though. Maybe you can convert him over to the dark side:graucho:
  10. We don't have any kids and we both collect things. Coach is one of those things I collect. DH collects O Gauge Trains.
  11. Yep yep, I love it! Looks great!
  12. My Hub doesn't understand the addiction either! Usually I get a gruff "Stop buying purses!!!" .... and I bow my head and bat my eyes and say, "Okay honey".... and then be good for a few weeks before I pick up something else. He makes a good living for us and I make decent money so we really don't want for anything. But I do go through more disposable income than he does... which is why he gets on to me...he's a saver.

    But, for instance, I went to him and told him about the PCE invite and he gave me a budget and told me to have fun.... so your Hub may just want to have you give him a heads up so he feels he's "in the loop".
  13. My DH doesn't complain too much, but he does think it's silly. As long as I'm up front about what I'm going to buy, he's okay with it. I just can walk around complaining that I have no money later! :p

    He figures as long as I am spending my own money and not neglecting the household bills or our DD's needs, who is he to complain?

    He 'collects' things himself. He is totally obsessed with baseball caps! Yes, they're much smaller and less expensive, but they're ALL OVER THE PLACE! SO, when he tells me I don't need another bag, and I should get rid of some, I tell him he doesn't need another hat either and should toss one he doesn't wear anymore - - that usually ends things :yes:
  14. I don't think my husb really 'gets' the purse thing but he doesn't have a problem with it. He'll ask occasionally how much I spent on stuff & I just say 'not that much' or 'it was on sale' without giving a $$ amount. He has however seen my past eBay auctions & saw how much some have resold for. Couldn't hide the fact that my LV sold for less than what I had paid..... and he told all his friends at work who think the whole purse thing is just craziness. Silly men.
  15. My husband has his hobbies too so he never gives me crap! Like someone said earlier, is he upset because you didn't discuss it with him first?