my husband did GREAT for christmas

  1. he got me, a bleeker small purse,a matching wristlet,coach perfume and lotion,a key chain perfume,a photo key fob and a agenda that matches the purse!!! he is either really great or he thinks i smell oh and he got me a 50.00 coach gift card to go with it....
  2. He did do good!! Share some pics with us!! I'd love to see your new goodies!
  3. i would love to show pictures but i dont really know how and everytime i try it tells me the file is to big....but i will try it again sometime...BUT he is the best husband in the world...and he did it without any help from me....:heart:
  4. ^^ yeah, it's a task to figure out the pictures thing. I upload my pics into, resize them there and then post the link when I want to share here. It's easier IMO than trying to do attachments!
  5. WOW! Awesome...can't wait to see pics!
  6. He did do good! I also use photobucket. I resize them first using Paint Shop Pro that I've been using back since I used to skin for the original Sims games :amuse:
  7. What a great husband! You got some great presents :smile: I really like the Coach perfume too, I think it is very pretty.
  8. Great hubby
  9. OMG!!! You totally scored!!! Congrats!!!
  10. Congrats on the great gifts and the great husband!
  11. Congrats on your great gifts!
  12. Wow and congrats on your lovely presents and a wonderful hubby!
  13. Congrats! What a sweet hubby!