My husband deserves a shout out on TPF!

  1. So I've been jonesing to add some color to my collection and with the help of all of you decided on the Small Agenda in Framboise. I showed my hubby the pics of the agendas from this site and he seemed unimpressed. Anyway, I was planning on picking it up today after a business meeting that I had (I was going to sneak it past my husband because I've brought home 5 brown bags since Xmas). Anyhow, after leaving the meeting I called him to check on our little girl and he happened to be at the mall (which was a bit weird) anyhow, I ended up meeting with him and told him of my plan to go to the boutique and pick up the agenda. So we get to the boutique and all the SAs are saying hi to my hubby and the kids (we had been there like every week for the last month so I didn't think much of it) and then one SA started telling me how wonderful my hubby was and about how many times he had come to the boutique and how she was wondering who the lucky lady was etc. Anyhow, I showed my hubby the agenda IRL and he was not impressed and said not to get it. I told him that I would end up getting it some day but left without it (because I was trying to be a good wife!). Anyway, tonight my son came in to the room and said, "Happy Early Valentine's Day" and it was my Framboise agenda!!!!! Apparently my hubby had bought it in pomme a couple of weeks ago and exchanged it for the framoise today!!!! Anyhow, this is a long story....but honey if you're reading this you're the best...the BEST!!! and I will for sure go on a ban until my birthday in May (wish list and nagging to start soon!) LOL!!

    I'll post some pix after I jazz her up with cute little accessories!
  2. Your husband is so sweet!
  3. Congrats....that's a sweet story. :shame:
  4. Aww you have such a sweet husband! Definately post pics when you can.:yes:
  5. Great hubby!!!! That is soooo sweet of him to get that for you! Congratz! are you going to heat stamp it?
  6. awwwwwwwww.... your hubby is soooo sweet comme les vraies framboises:graucho:
  7. That is EXACTLY what I was thinking!!!! Can you help with my dilemna? When I got married I made my maiden name a part of my middle name so now I have 4 initials. Should I do the 4 or just the 3? Let me know what you think!TIA!!!!
  8. you have the greatest DH indeed
  9. Aw what a sweet story. Sounds like he's a real keeper. Congrats on the agenda.
  10. I love it when our DH's do great things for us!!

    Mine bought me a new digi camera I had been lusting over (my mom has the same one) for Xmas!! It's the Canon SD900!
  11. That's sweet, congrats!
  12. awwwww
  13. congrats! so sweet!!!!
  14. he certainly does.... cheers!
  15. I'm hoping my DH will pick up on my hints too ;o) 'if i had a damier speedy, my life would be perfect'...etc. etc ;oP HAHA! Just goes to show, he was listening to you babe! Enjoy!