My husband beats me...

  1. all the time at Backgammon! Seriously, he gets the best rolls and dozens of doubles while I get stuck rolling onesy twoseys. I am just jinxed at this game. On the other hand, I am the Scrabble champ in the house.
    Is there a game you play with your SO that you just cannot win? :lol:
  2. Umm...maybe you should've made your title a bit longer. I freaked out when I first saw it. LOL.
  3. Monopoly. He wins through LUCK ONLY and gloats!! Grrrrr drives me mental. I told him I will only play in future if he can be a gracious winner. :p

    In Scrabble we are about even.
  4. oh no no no! have to get peoples attention! :lol:
  5. I used to be pretty good at Monopoly as well. My folks used to say, "oh honey you should get into real estate! you'd be rich!" as if the real world worked like Monopoly. No one gives me $200 for passing anything.
  6. I win everything. That is why I don't have a SO.
  7. shoo I am the backgammon champ! I could give your hubby a run for his money. lol.

    I play Scattergories with my SO and yes he beats me all the time. AND I HATE IT!! lol
  8. He beats me at most everything really. But if we include video games, I can kick his a$$ in Tetris!!!
  9. HAHA, lol.

    sudoku. he is faster. i think his fastest was around 3 mins. something but mine was 4 mins. something, lol.
    i am better than him at scrabble though!
  10. I never win at nekid Twister
  11. eeeyew! thanks for that mental image!:lol:
  12. I don't even understand how to play Backgammon. I don't have anyone I play games with now, but I do love to play them. For a while I was playing online Scrabble, but I always would lose. Ugh. and I really think I have a pretty good vocabulary too.
  13. that worked quite well alright...
    i got scared when i saw the title as well.
  14. i had to look twice, lol. thanks for scaring us...
  15. checkers haha no matter how many times we play, i always lose. ive only won once because he helped me hahaha