My hunt for THE hobo has officially kicked off!

  1. I must admit I've always been into structured bags until I saw Star3777's Fendi Spy hobo. It's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

    Picture here...

    Her picture is dated 2006 so I suspect it's no longer available. I've try looking for it online and, alas, no luck.

    So here's my question...what is the next best thing? I'm looking for something that's as similar to this one as possible (casual but not too casual, sorta structured (by hobo standards), not too many details but some subtle ones are ok). Any suggestions???
  2. This Furla Elisabeth (Nordstrom, Saks) is very pretty...$495.

  3. i have the fendi spy hobo in metallic black too. it twas a birthday present last year. i think my mom got it from yeah that was where i got it XD good luck finding one.
  4. Thanks for everyone's suggestion. Price limit is probably up to $1000. Doesn't have to be gold but am very interested in having a gold one. I've checked and the ones they have this season has that flap and that buckle on the front. A little too much detail for my taste. I think the reason I like Star's bag so much is because the strap and the bag seems seamless. No extra hardware, etc. I don't mind hardware but for this bag, I like the no hardware look for some reason. I guess I'm really particular. Any other suggestions would be really appreciated.
  5. Josey-Blk-140web-55630.jpg
  6. What about this DKNY Metallic Hobo? Comes in gold and silver. It's on Zappos.
    DKNYSilver.jpg DKNYGold.jpg
  7. I really like that Furla Elisabeth!

    I've seen a few Fendi Spy Hobos on eBay recently. I haven't seen the Fortuny hobo (only leather and leather/zucca). However, I think there's a Fortuny spy up now. Good luck!
  8. rebecca minkoff Nikki bag! TDF!!!
  9. LAltiero85, oh my found it!! That's the one!! And the price is great!! Thank you so much. I guess I have to really sharpen my web surfing skills huh? : )

    Anyone bought anything from before? Are they reputable and reliable and more importantly, are their products authentic? I've never purchased designer bags online before so a little nervous, especially after hearing and reading about all the fakes.
  10. are you sure that it is authentic? that price seems WAY too good to be true. i would be careful.

  11. No problem!!!
  12. Oooh, love the furla!! That might go up on my list!:tup: