My hungry Garden Party! It's harvest time :-)

  1. A little bit of blue berries, banana, some salad, a tad of Italian balsamic oil and olive oil ... voila! It's harvest time for the Garden Party!

    I've had my GP for a while now and I have this love-hate relationship with it. Sometimes, I get carried away with my Birkins and Kellys that I tend to forget how practical the GP is, especially that it comes in different sizes. Regardless of the canvas, it is a very durable bag ... and perfect for running errands!

    Just thought I wanted to share with you what my GP harvested today while grocery shopping in town! Ooh, and we also passed by Hermès and saw the new all-leather GPs. I really love the graphite one. My store manager also said that with the GP, I can toss it around and not worry so much. He also said that my GP is an excellent alternative to the natural barenia/toile Birkin that I tried (and passed on) before while still having the same sort of canvas/leather effect/style.
    hungry_GP.jpg GP_MDutti_wFerragamo.jpg
  2. Thanks so much for showing how much it holds LaVan, looks fabulous on you! I love the GP, so elegant.
  3. ^Thanks LaVan, a true GP in action shot, I love it! I would also say that BECAUSE of the canvas, the bag is so durable - would you agree?
  4. i'm hungry look fab!
  5. The GP is truly a very practical bag without looking like crap ... and, I can put it on my shoulders too!

    hello - I'm really surprised how durable this bag is. At first, it looks like the canvas is delicate, but au contraire, it's so durable!
  6. LaVan, you are SO BEAUTIFUL! I swear, I never look that stunning when I'm at the grocery store. Your lucky if I've run a brush through my hair!

    The GP is starting to grown on me---I might just have to get myself one!
  7. LaVan you are truly classic and lovely! And now I am hungry just peeking at all the yummy choices in your fabby bag..
  8. I would have never guessed that the Garden Party could be so practical, and carry so much.

    You look great, by the way...
  9. Looks fabulous on you! Such a smart choice!
  10. Love it. ;)
  11. Lavan, you rock your GP, :drool:it looks perfect on you, and so practical. You look fab, a really great outfit. Filled with fresh fruit and vegetables , i think its the perfect garden choice!!
  12. The bananas are making me :drool:

    I love that pic of the garden party filled with food, somehow, that is what represents Hermes to me, something that is meant to be used, not some bag to be babied about.
  13. I love the GP! And, as always, you look great with yours, LaVan. It is really a very practical bag!
  14. Great pic Lavan!! Love this....
  15. Thanks for sharing.

    GP is as practical as these bags.:yes: