My Humble Pies (Pics)

  1. Bottom row: Rouge theatre(fall'05), sky blue(spring'05) & magenta(fall'05)
    Middle row: Black(spring'06) & bordeaux(fall'05)
    Top row: Taupe(spring'05) & off-white(2003)

    Rouge Vif(fall'06) & blue clutch (can't recall which year this belongs to:confused1:)

    I also have a '05 caramel city coming soon! :P:wlae:
    balenciaga family1627.jpg rougevif1780awtm.jpg Balenciaga clutch1631.jpg
  2. Very nice, this is a really wellbalanced collection I love it.
  3. Just gorgeous.:yahoo: I love your all the ones on your bottom row.:graucho:
  4. Gorgeous..I love them! :biggrin:
  5. I love your Bbags! What a fantastic collection!:love:
  6. Your collection is just stunning! How long have you been collecting?!?!
  7. love love love it~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  8. Wow, what a sight for sore eyes! I want to eat them all! Gorgeous.
  9. Thanks for the compliments! I'm still slowly building the empire, I know my collection is nothing compared to some of the serious bbag collectors' here & they have some of the most desired colors that I'm soooo jealous of! :lol:

    Fiatflux, my addiction started about 21/2 years ago. My first bbag was the '03 white first & I couldn't control myself to just stop at 1 or 2, so now I have 10 with 1 more coming soon!:lol: And I'm also on the waitlist for several Spring '07 bbags :graucho:.......I wonder when this addiction of mine will cease for good?

    Hmmm.....I think my 2004 black first is missing from the family portrait, no wonder she's pissed with me nowadays for not including her in the photo session.:P
  10. :drool: :drool: :drool:

    You have an amazing collection! Your pics look soo good too!
  11. WOW, great pieces. You have a wonderful collection!
  12. pretty, pretty, pretty! i just never get tired of looking at pictures of so many balenciagas flocked together.
  13. Very nice!! Thanks for sharing :love:
  14. Love love love them all. I have a friend that has a taupe city and it's stunning.
  15. You have such a fantastic collection and it's very well balanced too.
    Congrats and make sure to post pics of your caramel city that is on it's way. I'd love to see. =]