My Humble Little Collection Photoshoot

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  1. Before Valentine's Day of this year, I only owned the Delightful MM. Safe to say I have been bitten by the LV bug! I'm still unsure about my MC ZCP and am thinking of exchanging it for the MC cosmetic pouch. I only have about a week to decide, so we'll see... But here are my babies!


    SLG's are my new obsession!

  2. Lovely collection. Ouuuu, that's a hard decision to make about the's so useful and compact, I can't live without mine. I want to get a cosmetic pouch as well but I'm saving for it. Think about it carefully before you decide. Saving for something is just as exciting too :smile:
  3. Nice collection, I'd get the cosmetic case :smile:
  4. Lovely collection:smile:love your mc pieces!!!
  5. Awesome!!
  6. Beautiful collection, thanks for sharing! The ZCP and cosmetic pouch are both great pieces, good luck deciding.
  7. Very pretty collection!
  8. Love the MC makeup bag? Wish I could think of a reason to buy that.
    Nice collection.
  9. I think you're right - saving up is very fun! Just don't want to miss being able to get it. Decisions, decisions....!

  10. They are! I hope I'm able to come to a decision before my time is up. I'm so indecisive!
  11. +1 love your collection!!

  12. Thank you, everyone! It's been so fun adding to my collection (and taking pictures of them).
  13. Lovely collection and very nice MC items!!!!
  14. Nice collection!
  15. Love!! Especially the MC and delightful!