My humble lil^ purchase!

  1. After spotting the bronze PNY wallet in PennyD2911's Paris-Biarritz tote bag.. i was inspired to hunt for it yesterday! :shame: I could not find the bronze one but came across the last white one in bond street Chanel!! :love: It was love at first sight.. hehe



    And I have twins now!! :sweatdrop:


  2. Love it - congrats!
  3. Congratulations, I can believe it was love at first sight, it's gorgeous!
    And you're so lucky to snatch the last one left :yahoo:
  4. WOW! I didn't think there were any left. I love this wallet. Congratulations!:yahoo:
  5. Lovely! Congrats!
  6. Thanks Smooth.. :yes: I was kind of amazed too..

    The SA also brought out the MC wallets.. both designs.. the one with the zip all around and the one that is like a flap. But it was in blue.. I wanted red so badly to match my bag! :p Oh well.. i got the white PNY and im not complaining!! hehe :love:
  7. Thanks beauty, sammie and LDD !! :girlsigh::girlsigh:
  8. very nice, congrats.
  9. Oh twins!!! hehe congrats that is a very lovely wallet!!!!
  10. Cute! congrats!
  11. love it!! congrats!
  12. Nice....and it has a lot of CC slots too!!!! :yes:
  13. Happie thats great you found one!!!!!
    I know you said you had the black so you already knew what a great wallet the PNY is. I love the white you purchased. I would have tried to locate the white had I not purchased the white Outdoor Ligne wallet.
  14. Nice!
  15. Beautiful!Love your twins =))