My humble family

  1. Hello everyone.
    I just wanted to post a picture of my little Chanel family. Have only been collecting for just over
    a year but am so happy with what I have.
    No more will be joining for a while as now trying for a family so that will be taking precedence. Thank you for letting me share.
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  2. Wow you have BEAUTIFUL bags...:heart:LOVE all the WOC' pretty & the colors of your flap & boy are :love:AWESOME! Thanks for sharing & best of luck & much fun to you starting your family!:flowers::drinks:
  3. Gorgeous collection!
  4. Gorgeous!! Great choices on bags and well wishes on your future family
  5. Thank you so much
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  6. Thank you so much
  7. Beautiful humble family. You have picked up the most desirable pieces. Love your collection.

    So, here is a tip to start the family. Just go buy some cheap alcohol / wine, have some fun and drink away. Things happen when you're not expecting or planing. :yes:
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  8. Lovely family
  9. Beautiful family.. u got all the colours needed... ❤️❤️❤️
  10. thanks for tip... off to buy
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  11. Thank you so much
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  12. Beautiful Chanel family, best wishes on starting your family!
  13. Congrats! I love a small and thoughtful collection. I can tell you put thought into your bag purchases.
  14. I'm so pleased you said this, each bag was thoughtfully considered so that you picked up on that was wonderful. Thank you
  15. Thank you so much
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