My humble family

  1. My very humble family... I'm not exactly a gifted photographer, but I've tried my best!!! :yes:
    bag 1.jpg else.jpg DSC01233.JPG DSC01232.JPG DSC01234.JPG
  2. Lovely family portrait!:love: You have some great assortment of brands there!!!:nuts: Thank you so much for sharing?:flowers:
  3. Love the variety you got there! Very nice!
  4. :flowers: Pretty collection!! Thanks for sharing!
  5. quite a variety, nice. :flowers:
  6. That's a really well rounded handbag collection. Thanks for the pics :smile:
  7. a good variety.... so many beauties in there..
  8. love the LV's!
  9. Ooooh I love the pepper Vuitton, oh man, I wish I hadn't had missed that colour. Great collection ! :yes:
  10. Nice!!!
  11. I love your bbag!
  12. Great stuff - a bit of everything!
  13. Thanks for all the kind words everyone :smile: My collection is nothing like most of yours, after all I'm only a 21 year old graduate student, but I do like all of my bags :yes:

    And just in case any of you are wondering (because the pictures aren't so clear), the top two bags above the chanel classic flaps are both gucci..
  14. wow 21years have a great collection
  15. very nice thanks for sharing. :smile: