My Humble Collections

  1. These are my humble collection. I'm planning to add some more :smile: Any suggestion which item I should add to my collection?
  2. nice collection, love the Geant!! Utah, Taiga bags....what about some accessories like sunnies or necklace?
  3. Nice collection!
  4. necklace is a bit expensive for me :smile: I prefer to buy more bags. My wish list is Damier Lune :drool:
  5. Thank you. You have a great collections too!!!
  6. something Azur or Damier grapwite :graucho: you gotta have light color ones for S/S :yes:
  7. Nice collection...Perhaps something from the Azur line as Spring/Summer is near.
  8. Yup yup yup, actually my greatest desire is to have White Suhali L'extravagant hehehehe it will be perfect for summer!!!
  9. Actually I'm planning to buy Damier Azur Naviglio but I think I want the Cabas T Damier Lune more. What do you think? Is it a good idea?
  10. Nice collection!
    Get something in damier lune! ;)
  11. Thanks 4 the idea!! :yes:
  12. nice! u call that humble?? *wonders what u would call mine :p*
  13. Thank you :smile: I just feel that my collection is not a as great as the others. I hope to add more this year :yes:.
  14. great collection! i love all the damiers especailly the broadway
  15. You're Damier mad! I bet you're excited about the new black Damier :biggrin: