my humble collections

  1. Oooh I love the little Marc Jacobs clutch, and the Chanel linge cambon bowling bag ! So cute !
  2. thanks for sharing!
    i love especially your chanels!!
  3. Very nice collection. I love Chanel.
  4. thank you
  5. You have a great collection Sina. You don't have to have 100's of bags to have an awesome collection!
  6. Wow ! Really nice collection, love it :love:
  7. thank you, after joining this forum, i regreted selling some of my bags in the past.I see people have different kind of bags..i especially miss my LV Bronze vernis Tompkins. Now I have catching up to do. After seeing other people collection, I need more color in my collection.
  8. Lovely collection especially your Chanel pieces!
  9. lovely! your speedy 25 has gorgeous patina and i *love* your chanel cambon tote!!
  10. thanks
  11. WOW! Thanks for the picture! Your bags are beautiful! All of them! I especially like the large Cambon Tote!

    I feel your pain about the LV Vernis Bronze Tompkins.... ouch... I have that bag and it's my favorite in all of my collection! Maybe you can get it again?

    Thanks again for posting! You have wonderful taste!:love:
  12. Your bags are lovely. You should be proud!
  13. Holy moly. Love your Chanels! Very nice collection.
  14. Thanks for your kind words, I am thinking to get something vernis in red..working on it lol