My Humble Collection

  1. I am so embarassed. I thought that the fella was in the living room watching the sports or the men's channel or whatever it is that they watch. So, I ran in the bedroom to gather up my collection so that I could share with you all.

    I was too quiet, 'cause he came looking for me. He stepped in my bedroom and said, "Why are you taking pictures of your purses?" My response? Insurance purposes.


    Here it is. As you can see I have a *thing* for Signature and Navy. It is very clear to me that I need something for "fun". I am going to run to the outlet this weekend. ;)


    I recently purchased a Camel Ergo Hobo, Ergo print scarf, Cologne and signature fabric cleaner. I will snap a photo when I receive them.
  2. Very nice pieces!
  3. I adore those slides. Are they comfy?

    Good answer, btw!
  4. Love the Red,!!!
    and my hubby thinks I am nuts reading and posting so much to this board, he would really freak if he knew I took photos of my purchaes...
  5. Thanks!

    Those slides...They hurt like hell!!!! But they are cute and they match the tote. I don't mind. I definitely think it is time to spring for another pair of shoes.
  6. Great collection.
  7. Nice collection. The red wallet is very striking. I told me husband yesterday that I should take him to the Coach boutique store so I could point out some things I liked. His response? "They sell those things in separate stores?" :wtf:He says I have too many purses as it is and that I don't need any more. I told him it's never a question of Need.
  8. Great answer! I'll have to remember that one!! :yes:
  9. Love the slides! very nice collection, does the sig fabric cleaner work well?
  10. :roflmfao:

    Men are so funny. I don't think they know half of the things that we like to do. If he knew that I am thinking about taking pictures of my makeup, he would have a fit!

    Patrice, I haven't received the Signature cleaner. I will take before and after pictures of my purses.
  11. Nice collection (I love Signature too) and good cover-up. ;)
  12. very pretty!! thanks for sharing!
  13. LOL

    I said the SAME THING not too long ago...I lined up my beauties and took pictures...friend of mine saw the pictures in my online account and said "You lined up all your bags and took pictures? whatever for?"

    Insurance purposes!

    she replies "ok - you REALLY need to start having kids..."


    But hey - they really are great pictures to have for insurance purposes!

    lovely collection btw!
  14. Start having kids and you won't have as many bags to take pictures of!! My Son doesn't care what he wears or the brand, but DD costs me a fortune! I keep telling her, "you know I could get my legacy wristlet for what your jeans cost!!"
  15. Insurance purposes......classic........:roflmfao: