My humble collection

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  1. I took pics of my humble Chanel collection this morning. :love: tPF is so addictive...what is going to be my next purchase is always on my mind... I am going to limit my collection to bbags and Chanels from now:graucho:

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  2. great pics! love ur grand shopper tote. my fave. i have a few of them, but not in that color!! love it!
  3. I am dying for that color GST!! I LOVE it!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ooh, please post your pics in the appropriate threads in the Reference Library:yes:
  4. wooooooooow .. love ur chanel items :love:

    ur silver tote is TDF
  5. I love you collection.
  6. love your collection.. NICE!
  7. Gorgeous collection! I love the wallet and the color of the tote is really beautiful.
  8. great collection!
  9. Humble indeed *snort*! I'm still waiting on my first piece of chanel.
  10. Nice collection!
  11. You have lovely classic pieces and your collection is off to an excellent start!
  12. NIce collection!! Love the color of your GST:smile:
  13. love them all !!!!
    great pieces
  14. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Thanks for sharing - very pretty collection! Especially love the cambon wallet!!!