My humble collection :)

  1. This is my collection of's small but I really enjoy my bags. Ofcourse I'll be adding when bying new ones.:yahoo:
    I started collecting 3 years ago. I usually buy one or two bags a years:shame:

    Groetjes (that's how we say greets in Dutch):lol:

    Dior_Flight.jpg GucciBlackLeather.jpg GucciBrown.jpg GucciRed.jpg GucciWallet.jpg GucciFamily.jpg GucciBlack.jpg
  2. Wonderful collection. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  3. You have some nice Guccis. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Love your Guccis, welcome ! :yes:
  5. Thnx all!! It's a very small collection..but than again I have something to work to....Next on my list are the reporterbag and the dior gaucho:girlsigh:
  6. Very nice collection! Timeless pieces!! I espically love the red gucci!
  7. Great collection and I love your Gucci's! Thanks for sharing!
  8. nice guccis. cute collection, farah. have fun adding to your collection.
  9. What a great collection of Gucci bags - the red in particular! And I covet your Dior!!
  10. Nice collection...
  11. Glad you shared! You have a nice collection.
  12. :blush:Thnx all!!
    The red one I got from my boyfriend for my birthday 2 years ago.
    I told him that the red gucci got the most attention on PF..and he goes like: "And who bought you that bag?" tsss:love:
    It's a lovely bag, but it can't hold all my stuff. When I use that bag I have to think about what I'll put in it. So most of the time I use it as a evening bag.
  13. Love the gucci's!
  14. Nice bags!
  15. Nice collection, congrats!