my humble collection

  1. Hopefully more to come in 2008... happy holidays everyone :heart:
    Audrey Collection.jpg
  2. lovely collection..the red flap is beautiful..
  3. That isn't humble, it is lovely! I am so into red right now, love yours!
  4. Beautiful Collection!

    your red flap is TDF!
  5. gorgeous!:heart:
  6. Love the shoes! Beautiful collection!
  7. What a gorgy collection!
  8. Those shoes are amazing!
  9. The red is so stunning!!! Thanks for sharing!
  10. That's a great collection :tup:
  11. Humble???? This is TDF!!! Oh my god!
  12. Great Collection- Congrats on all the bags.. nice choices
  13. Gorgeous!!!
  14. You have a great collection. Thanks for sharing! I also would not call it humble. It is great. I love your cambon items and your red flap is TDF.
  15. If your collection is humble then I'm at the bottom of the food chain! Haha. I love your pumps!!!