My Humble Collection:

  1. Hi everyone :smile:
    Love all your collections! Here's my collection so far:


    Hopefully I will be adding to it quite frequently... :smile:
  2. Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing!
  3. Loooooooooooovely collection, very nice! :love:
  4. Great Collection. :yes:
  5. Beautiful collection :love:
  6. Love your collection, Michaela! And welcome to the Purse Forum!
  7. I really love the red damier, its so colourful.
  8. pretty bags and welcome! ;)
  9. very nice collection!
  10. Great collection. I love how you showed the butt of the panda, that always makes me lol.
  11. Welcome! You have a lovely collection
  12. Great collection! I love your red epi Jasmin!
  13. Great collection, love your Spring Street and Jasmin!
  14. nice collection...
  15. Your humble collection is really nice! I love the red Epi bag in the middle!
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