My Humble Collection ***PICS***

  1. Here is my small, black Chanel collection :p

    Cerf Tote w/ Gold HW
    Lady Braid Satchel
    Small Lambskin Kelly w/Silver HW

  2. and also my Accessories

    2 pairs Sunnies
    Black/Black Patent Ballet Flats
    Camilia Ring

  3. oops! forgot to add my Cambon Checkbook Wallet

  4. Nice collection!! Love the kelly! Do you only buy black?
  5. DROOOOLING over the Lady Braid.
    Lovely pieces :smile:
  6. Hey! We have the same Cerf! I love those shoes! So NICE! And love the all black! Tres Chic!:party:

  7. I have some Balenciagas in colors and a Navy Prada Backpack :p

    but I just love Chanel in Black :yes:
  8. THANK YOU sratsey and MassLaw15 !!!
  9. i love your cerf... i am seriously thinking of acquiring one! (:

  10. I think it is the perfect size! lots of compartments but not too huge :yes:
  11. great collection!!
  12. Beautiful! Didn't you have an expandable tote?
  13. :shame: yes, but I exchanged it for the Cerf ... it just didn't look right on me :shrugs:
  14. very classy collection queenvictoria!:yes:
  15. LOVE your cerf tote. :heart: