My humble Chanel Collection

  1. Dear Chanel Junkies,
    I'm a recent addict and hope to come clean very soon with the help of therapy and lot of counseling lol. Anyway I'm here today to let you all know how Chanel drug has effected me since May 2012. It is a very dangerous and an expensive drug but yet the pleasure of absorbing it priceless, divine, heavenly, mystical and the list can go on and on...
    For your viewing pleasure here are some pics of my flaps, shoes and sunny. Oh I also bought a very cute high boots today from season 12A and I think I should be done for now...Thank you in advance for letting me share my humble collection. :smile: enjoy... :smile:

    1) Navy Jumbo 12A
    2) Red Jumbo 12A
    3) Bronze Jumbo 12A
    4) Westminster Pearl ( bought in May brand new from NM and it was my very 1st flap) :smile:
    5) Black Patent mini 12A
    6) Jellies, Rain Boot, 2 flats, Black High boot and sunny.
    7) Charcoal Jumbo missing my sis borrowed it.
    8) Black Caviar Jumbo waiting from H waiting to arrive.
    9) Pink/mauve Patent Jumbo waiting to arrive.
    image-1822419426.jpg image-35212244.jpg image-2297723340.jpg image-3601656255.jpg image-2495839170.jpg image-62981840.jpg image-431449276.jpg image-512956487.jpg

  2. Congratulations on each and every one of your gorgeous Chanel addition!! They are divine!!:love::cloud9::hbeat: I honestly cannot pick a favorite since they are all extremely beautiful. I hope you will update the thread when the other items arrive!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful pieces!! Congrats!!
  4. Wowie! Congrats on your haul! Can't wait to see the rest coming in!
  5. Amazing collection!
  6. congrats with your fast growing chanel collection!
  7. Beautiful. My heart skip!
  8. Since May?? Wow, you act fast to add so many goodies. Love!!!
  9. Maybe I'm biased, but I love your bronze the most! Thank you very much for taking your time despite the health.
  10. Omg I love everything! Good choices..
    Your 12A red looks like lambskin ..
  11. what a great haul!!!! congrats!!!
  12. Your collection grows really fast. Great choices.
  13. I came back to look at your bronze jumbo... Looks very lux! Congrats on getting one.
  14. Wow!!! Your collection is amazing....and all soooo new!!! Congratulations!!!!!
  15. Love all your Chanel, Yes you are totally addicted, Welcome to the club.