My Humble bag collection

  1. Hello everyone :smile:

    I wanted to share some of the bags that I have in my collection :smile:
    most of what I collect is Chanel (i LOVE this brand) and I've got a couple of Fendi, Dior and prada

    anyways enough babbling....enjoy

    Dior bags
  2. here is my fendi collection
  3. some of my chanel bags :love:
  4. This is my only Balenciaga bag....I'm hoping to add a new bag from the fall collection
  5. Wow, gorgeous collection! I love that black Chanel Tote!:love:
  6. You have a gorgeous collection! I love the pink Fendi!
  7. Shoog, what a great collection!!!:love:
  8. Thanks everyone :smile:
  9. lovely collection...
    i adore ur chanels :smile:
    can i live in ur chanel closet??
  10. ohh i love your embroidered fendi baguette!! :smile:
  11. you have a good growing collection.. love ur bags..
  12. Solitair... ure welcome anytime :yes:

    LuvsLV thanks alot, I got this one relatively cheap!! compared to the new ones that go up to $3,000 but those are filled with beads

    bluxcape thanks, I always say i'll stop but then I walk into the boutiques and can't help myself! :P
  13. nice collection there...
    esp the fendis
  14. very nice collection!!!!
  15. I :heart: your Balenciaga - buy more, please! :lol: