My Hudson miracle!!!!

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  1. Soooo ladies. As some of you may know, not too long ago I purchased a Hudson from Bag Borrow or Steal in the Chestnut color...Well, after seeing so many of you and other people I know do the same and get pretty excellent conditioned bags, I was a little bummed as mine was a definitely used, had ink marks in the inside canvas, etc....So, I managed to return it just within the time frame (I had not worn it since I had purchased it.) I wanted to give BBS another try to see if they would send me another one, HOPEFULLY in better condition. Worst case scenario, I thought I'd just return that one as well if things didn't work out.

    Anyway, at the time I returned my bag my sis bought a Chestnut for me & I reimbursed her (that way I knew I wouldn't get the SAME bag back 1-2 weeks after my return, if that makes any sense) and it had been sitting at her place for a while and finally I had the time to pick up the package just last week....Well, I opened the box and....guess what....

    BAG BORROW OR STEAL SENT ME A FULLY TEAL LEATHER LINED CHESTNUT HUDSON!!!!! I was so shocked! And it is in near mint, if not mint, condition! I am sooo happy! I just had a feeling that if so many people were getting better conditioned bags recently and that mine was a little banged up compared to some of the others....and I guess I was totally right! Maybe they had a lot of unused or gently borrowed bags in stock or something? Either way, I am soo happy! I just thought I'd share my story w/ some people who would understand my excitement!! :yahoo:
  2. Congrats! Sounds like your persistance paid off. :tup: Enjoy your new bag!
  3. I'm very happy for you, not so happy for me ;). I ordered one from BBoS too a few days ago and will probably get your return! Now I now not to be too excited as it will more than likely be going back. Ugh. Enjoy yours!! I hope my day will come...
  4. ^^ not necessarily, this was a few weeks ago. I hope that's not the case. But I think it was iluvmybags who actually called BBS before ordering to ensure she'd get a brand new with tags one, and she ended up getting one. If they haven't shipped yours yet I'd call and see if they can check it out for you?
  5. Thanks angelisa360 - I saw that iluvmybags did that so I tried too. But the CS rep said that she couldn't tell the condition or quantity of the bags from where she was (??). Maybe I wasn't persistent enough. In any case, I will wait until it arrives and see. If it isn't meant to be then there are other things I should be spending my money on now anyway ;) I'm so glad for you though. Enjoy!
  6. Congrats on getting the bag you wanted!
  7. i am SOOO HAPPY for you!!!! soo glad your experience ended happy!!!
    as we know i sent back THE SAME BAG chestnut a few weeks ago and got a call two days ago that they finally got around to crediting my credit card...i was so afraid to order it again but now you are giving me hope! love that color! mine was worn on all four corners on bottom leather was worn off...someone really used it 24/7!!
    i am going to try!
    maybe a call to them first will help...ENJOY YOUR GORGEOUS BAG AND HOW ABOUT A PICTURE OR TWO ! MODEL!
  8. lucky you! a hudson lined completely in leather is one of my dream bags!
  9. here are some pics (sorry for the poor quality!)

    i hope those of you who are looking for one from bbs can be just as lucky. believe me, all i wanted was one that was a bit newer- i wasn't expecting fully leather lined!

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  10. Gorgeous! Thanks for the great pix!
  11. Absolutely FAB! A fully leather lined TDF Hudson, you're so lucky. Congrats!
  12. what a great suprise! :biggrin:
  13. Yay! way to work the system ;) Lovely pics! dont forget to Watermark yours!
  14. Lucky girl!!! Congrats Angelisa. It is so gorgeous. That lining is TDF :love:
  15. wow good for you -- I wonder how that happened tho? When I called to ensure I didn't get gingarita's used bag (that she had just returned), the Cust service girl (Andrea) told me the same thing she told Bookinson, but then said she could go to the warehouse and check it out for me -- when she called me back she said they had a brand new one back there with tags.

    I had asked her if any of the bags were fully lined with leather and she said that no -- all four were lined with leather in the middle, canvas on the ends (inside the 2 zipper pockets), so I'm surprised you got one fully leather lined - a part of me wants to call them up to see if they have another & return mine in order to get it. I was a little bummed because I ended up having to pay sales tax (BBOS is located in IL & so am I), so instead of paying $830 like everyone else, I ended up paying $900. I wasn't exactly thrilled about that, but figured if that was the only way to get a Hudson, esp new, then I'd just have to deal - but now to find out they had one fully lined with leather, well I wouldn't have minded paying almost $100 more for that -- I guess I'm just a little bummed to have paid more for a bag, that IMO, is worth less.

    I dunno - maybe I should return it.

    Good for you tho -- how many Hudsons is that now?