my hubby's "just because" present for me ***pics***

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    :smile: i am still in a state of shock. after lunch today, my husband, daughter and i were walking around at pacific place (one of my favorite places to shop here in hk). my dh is one of those practical people who saves money and is very methodical in everything he does. i went to lv separately while he took my daughter to a dvd shop. when we met up, he asked me if i found anything i wanted. i said, "yeah a couple of things," and then left it at that. i was just home in manila and shopped till i dropped so i didn't want to buy any more bags until next pay day. practical, purse-hating dh, went inside the store and managed to get me this while i was walking around some more with my daughter. apparently he asked around which bag was limited:yahoo:it's perfect with my lvoe bandeau. sorry for the bad pics. this wasn't in my wishlist but i'm happy because my dh picked it out himself. just want to share my joy!!!
  2. awww how sweet of him...the bag is gorgeous..congrats!!
  3. Oh my gosh, that is so awesome!! I saw this bag IRL for the first time today and it is so darling. What a wonderful DH you have!! Congrats!!
  4. Wow, wonders will never cease! Your dh sounds like mine, and I think I'd faint on the spot if I ever saw him walking towards me with an LV bag under his arm!

    You must be deserving of it in some way though, so congratulations on your new gift, it's gorgeous! :nuts:
  5. That is so sweet of him It's beautiful. Which onw is this, PM, MM, or GM?
  6. this is the pm (the smallest one) and surprisingly, it fits quite a lot and can actually be worn on my shoulder.
    thanks for all of your comments, everyone.
  7. What a lovely hubby to do that for you.
    It's beautiful, love the colour.:nuts:
  8. that was so sweet. congrats
  9. How sweet of him! Congrats!!
  10. How nice! Congrats.
  11. That was very sweet. You have a very nice husband. Congrats!!!
  12. Great hubby!
    congrats on the bag and him :smile:
  13. Aww that's so sweet, congrats!
  14. What a cute bag, and cute husband, too!! I think it's the best feeling when the ultimate purse-hater goes and buys a bag as a gift--I think it truly shows love. Congrats!
  15. Aww...that's really chivalrous of him!