My hubby wants me to grow my hair again - HELP!

  1. I have always had long, blonde hair which I have had to straighten all the time because I have an annoying kink in it. (It looks Surf Chic but I hate it and think it looks more like a need a good brush!!!).

    Anyway, last year I lost 3 stone and decided that I didn't need to hide behind my very fine, lank hair anymore and since I absolutely love Charmed and Alyssa Milano, I decided to "bite the bullet" and have it all cut off. I have also dyed it Dark Brown because otherwise, I would have to have it dyed blonde every two weeks to afford horrible roots.

    Anway, I constantly worry that my hubby doesn't like it and doesn't think I look feminine - he has now admitted that he would like it a bit longer.

    So - I would like your honest opinions (although I'm secretly hoping that most of you like my current do!!) on what suits me best!

    The first is how my hair was originally (straigtened every day - Oh and don't forget I'm a lot heavier in that one!!!! Yuk!!!), the second is my first attempt at going short (excuse the stupid face) and the last one is me now! (with my daughter at a McFly Concert).

    Which one?
    Alison 1.jpg Alison 2.jpg Ali.jpg
  2. I like the second pic the best. Congrats on your weight loss.
  3. Funny, my DH hates it when I grow my hair out! LOL~

    I have super short hair too. My natural color is darker & I hear you about the constant touch up's when going blond so what I would suggest is keeping your short do but instead of going completely blond, get highlights. That's what I do. You still have blond but don't have the roots issue when they grow out. My hair is about 2 inches long & I get it highlighted every other month. I think the blond, second pic, looks better with your skintone ;)
  4. So far you both agree with my hubby - his favourite is the middle photo too!
  5. I like your second pic. You look great with ur weight loss and personally, I think lighter hair suits you. I know it can be a pain to keep dying it, but if you have it highlighted it would not look so bad when your roots start to show. Honestly, in the 3rd pic I like the hair cut, but I don't think it suits your face shape as much as the second pic.
  6. I like the second photo too. So chic!!:tup:
  7. Do what you like best... You wear it well!! :cutesy:
  8. wear your hair how you like it best! personally, i adore your hair in the middle photo - very stylish, great color for you.

    and my word, how proud you must be of your weight loss! you go, girl! you're an inspiration to us all :tup:
  9. I love the second picture. You're still hot no matter what hair length!
  10. I vote the second pic, too, even though you look great in all three! Congratulations on the weight loss, you look fantastic, and you have a beautiful daughter!! Let us know what you choose!
  11. i love the second pic. you look gorgeous!!
  12. Ooh I love the second pic! It wouldn't take too long to grow your hair to that length, but you look great any way!
  13. I like the second pic, but I like the color of your hair in the third pic. I like the darker colors, brings out pretty eyes!
  14. How about an angled cut, growing it out longer in the front? I straighten my hair once a week or so, and I like having it shorter so there's less hair to deal with. This way, I get the face-framing effect and it looks long from the front, but there's less hair in the back (which is the annoying part to straighten).
  15. First of all, Congratulations on your weight loss. I must agree with most of the others and say I really like your hair in the second picture. What about a length or style between that and the cut you have now - that way you both win, sort of!