My hubby suprised me at work with this!

  1. Beautiful...Great Hubby you have! Was it for a special occasion??
  2. What a lovely surprise!
  3. congrats!
  4. u have a great hubby

    every time i talk about lv, my bf was like :noworry: or :blink:
  5. So pretty! Enjoy!:yes:
  6. Congrats! You are so lucky to have such wonderful hubby!
  7. wowowow~~congrats!!
  8. Wow - nice hubby! And he has good taste!
  9. how wonderful - congratulations!
  10. what a sweet husband you have!!! congrats!
  11. Very nice.. congrats to you:flowers:
  12. congrats!!!! it's adorable. and your hubby is so sweet!
  13. You have a great hubby. Congrats!
  14. Very cute! Great hubby you have. Congrats and enjoy!