My hubby outdid himself!

  1. I was expecting the new legacy ponytail scarf and the black leather legacy wristlet for mothers day. I asked for them- he printed them out -I knew they were mine. This morning I was surprised to open the coach box and find my two expected gifts were each twinned with a gift card - one from each of my babies!! $400 to spend at Coach!! I was soooo surprised!! I sat down to write this thread and I noticed the printouts of the scarf and wristlet from my wishlist - AND another purse... You know the red soho leather hobo purse from the drilldown link?? I have it on my favorites list so I can use the drilldown when I need it - well I guess poor DH printed it out and took it to Coach with him!! They must have thought that was pretty funny. He was really trying!
  2. Wow - what a fab hubby - congrats:smile:
  3. Awww...congrats!!!
  4. Too sweet. When I get a husband I'm showing him all of you all's threads. :biggrin:
  5. Wow, that's awesome! Hubby did a great job!:yes:
  6. So thoughtful! Post pics of your new goodies.
  7. How fabulous !
  8. Awww, that's so sweet!
  9. Very Sweet! It's good to be appreciated!!
  10. That is so sweet! Happy Mother's Day!
  11. awww exciting! congrats on the gifts and happy mother's day
  12. aw isnt that sweet!! :smile: Happy mothers day!
  13. Wow, happy mother's day! Your hubby rules!
  14. how sweet. happy mothers day!
  15. That's a great Mother's Day gift!