My hubby is away

  1. My hubby is away and I don't know how long he will be gone. I miss him and we Skype each other every day but I'm feeling sorry for myself now and just bought a large pepperoni and sausage pizza and a great bottle of Pinot Noir. If I get all "maudlin" tonight gals, you'll at least know why. I need some female commaradarie and some cheering up.
  2. Awww, you can be as maudlin as you need! We're here for you, bagsnshoo! Enjoy your pizza and especially the wine!:graucho:
  3. I'm starting to get a little buzzed so you guys are gonna have to keep me in line!
  4. i'll be right there with you, I have Papa Johns on speed dial & my hubby is just now off to DC. I have a nice merlot...will that do?
  5. And skype is amazing!! Have you tried video conferencing?? That is quite *ahem* entertaining.
  6. Awww, sorry you miss him. Mine is away on a business trip. Going to drown my sorrows at the mall tomorrow. He should have stayed home!
  7. When my hubby used to travel....(sometimes as long as 2 months)...the first few days were always the hardest....I used to do the SAME thing every night...I would eat egg rolls in bed while watching Sex & The City. I could never watch it while he was it felt really nice to watcfh as many episodes as I wanted...hopefully yours will be back soon....but if not the pizza and wine thing doesn't sound bad either!!
  8. YES! Lets keep track of each other....
  9. oh yeah. already did the nude belly dance this afternoon.
  10. how long is he gone?
  11. and the clean house is going to be a bonus!
  12. Yes...let's do look at the positives here....
    *no picking up randomly discarded underpants and other miscellaneous clothing items that seem to not be able to make it into the hamper
    *total control over the absolute abandonment of all pretenses that you like to watch shows where people are shooting each other...or sports.
    *no better time to make new when he gets home they can honesty be classified as something that has been in my closet FOREVER!
    *No cooking meals...the takeout menu can be your new best friend...or if you want a grilled cheese for dinner, not having someone to complain about the lack of home-cooked meal!
    *Your love for your DH will inevitably grow while he is you remember all the things that usually drive you mad...but in retrospect seem adorable!
    *The fabulous...I haven't seen you in forever naughtiness that you can both revel in upon his return!!

    Enjoy the wine....let all of us here keep you won't be long till that dear man is back and driving you :Push: !
  13. i am pretty sure that he misses u a great deal too.. just keep busy n we r here to keep you company of course..
  14. Oh gosh! Please dont feel alone, we are soooooo here for you!! You can even pm me if ya want and I'll give ya my phone # if you would like! ((((HUGS))))
  15. I'm not going anywhere tonight.