My hubby infiltrated TPF! Can I turn 35 again next year?

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  1. To my total shock and surprise my wonderfully sweet and creative hubby joined TPF and started this thread:

    He really deserves a shout out for his creativity and willingness to go the extra mile to make turning middle aged an exciting event! A big shout out as well to all you FAB TPFers who gave him some great advice and my two SAs at AL and W stores who helped him to retire my Wish List. For the first time ever I can say that I am totally content with my LV Collection....and I also asked him if I can turn 35 again next year (he said no, but if this is how it is to get older I never want to be 21 again! LOL)

    Here are my goodies:

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  2. Can't wait to see the pics - but since when is 35 considered middle age? :P If that is the case I am ready for a retirement home! :nogood:
  3. Hehe, I know what's in there!

    Congrats and I am so happy for you.


  4. I received the hot red shiny mamma from hubby. He liked it the best out of everything on my wish list.

    The littlest one was a gift from me to myself and was purchased with the help of enabling from my Hawaii TPF posse.

    The colorful one was picked up when hubby took me to LV and told me to , "just get it, it's your birthday." She's the one that I really wanted but I tried on every other MC bag in the store before taking the plunge. I love the color combo on her!

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  5. awww, thats so sweet of him!!!! I :heart: your bags, they are great!! congrats, and happy b-day!!!! :yahoo:
  6. YAHOO! We are TWINS! You'll love the Pomme Roxbury... it's one of my favorite bags!!! And omg, that color combo... Yellows! and an Aqua! so many pinks!!!
  7. NikeGolf, if you're out there, you're the BOMB! LOL Much love to you baby!
  8. yay!!! so it's YOU rileygirl!!! i was wondering who has such a lucky hubby as yours!! he was very patient with all the LV names/ styles we threw at him. i for one LOVE the roxbury pomme and i'm glad you got the black mc audra!! and the t&b mini pochette is too cute. congrats on your bday!! what a way to celebrate your 35th!! :yahoo::tup:
  9. Wow, both of um?! Congrats, what a great birthday!!
  10. Gosh, I love them all and I envy you.
  11. OMG! What a great husband! I love all your bags, especially the vernis. Congrats and Happy Birthday!:party:
  12. gorgeous items.

    and sweet hubby!
  13. Happy birthday! Congrats on all of your goodies-very nice and your hubby is a nice guy to go thru all that for you!!! :smile:
  14. That's so cute! You even replied to his thread! Congrats on the great loot and the amazing hubby! Happy 35th too!!! ;)
  15. I went to the thread and loved how you posted in response to your hubby's questions! You made it so easy for him! He sounds like a great guy. Happy Birthday!