My, How You've Grown Knut

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    Huggable: Knut at three months :heart:

    Knut has been hand-raised by Doerflein and other zoo staff after his mother rejected him and another cub that died

    Welcome to the bear pit: Knut cuddles up to a brave Thomas Doerflein

    The cub that became Berlin Zoo's star attraction after being rejected by his mother is growing up fast.
    Keeper Thomas Doerflein, who has been hand-rearing Knut, believes the carefree days of tumbling around with him in his den could soon be over.
    At a hefty 92lb, Knut is simply too powerful to play with.
    "He now sometimes has temper tantrums when he's hungry or when he wants something and doesn't get it," Mr Doerflein said.
    "Then he gives me a really good bite. He is, after all, a predator."
    Knut became a household name in Germany after animal rights campaigners claimed he would be better off killed than raised by humans.
    Pictures of the adorable ball of Arctic fuzz melted hearts the world over. A million visitors have flocked to the zoo to see him, making him its most popular attraction.
  2. omg.... so adorable.....
  3. still so cute!
  4. I :love: Knut!
  5. Oh my. I remember seeing this story. Weren't there some people that wanted to let him die? I'm so glad they decided to let him live, and apparently thrive.
  6. I think we all love Knut!

    I hope to be able to take a trip up to Berlin eventually to see him!
  7. Awww Knut has grown to be so beautiful and majestic :heart: I love polar bears!!!
  8. Oh yeah..I remember that story...good to see he's healthy and doing good!
  9. He's getting so big! Pretty soon his keeper won't be able to go in with him any more - that will be a sad day for him I know.....what a great looking bear!
  10. Awww Knut! :love: What else can I say?