My house was robbed...

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  1. I'm still in disbelief about what happened to my family and me yesturday. I came home for my lunch break (I live a couple of minutes away from work). I arrive at the house like I normally do, not suspecting anything out of the ordinary. I walked through to the kitchen and I noticed my Dad's and my room lights were on in both of the rooms, then I questioned myself if I had left the lights on. Nope. Our rooms were searched. Then I checked if person(s) were still in the house and where this person(s) had broken in.

    The person(s) opened the side gate and jumped over a fence, so no one was able to see them. Then, the person(s) broke a window in the back of the house to get in the house. Then searched throughout the house except the garage. I suspected that the person(s) where on a time crunch because computers, TVs, digicams, cigs, guns, bullets, some jewelry, credit cards, money and other valuables were left at the house. Then escaped through the back door and left like nothing.

    After I did my little search, I called 911 and my parents. They told me to call the sheriff's dept and I left a voice message about what had just happened and who to contact. Both of my parents came straight home from work. The sherriffs dept got in contact with my Dad and he gave them information. Then two sheriffs arrived at the house. I told them what had happened and how I suspected the robber came to the house and what was taken.

    I know the robber(s) took my all my rings (my lil drawer where all my rings were in was found in the trash), bracelets, and some necklaces. My mother's jewelry... almost all of it is gone. And money was also taken from her. I found one bracelet on the floor as I was cleaning my room.

    We suspect that this burglar/robber (same diff to me) is going to come back because they or whatever saw exactly what is in the house. Now, we are taking every precaution we can think of. We are getting an alarm system installed. All the rooms are going to have two locks each door. As of right now, there is no jewelry in the house. Whatever we were able to recover is now out of sight. My mom is thankful that not all of her money nor my father's was taken. She is also grateful that I wan't at the house when this happened.

    Has this happened to anyone or do you know someone that this happened to? Do you have any recommedations about whatelse we can do to try to prevent from this happening again? After years of living at the house, I just don't feel safe in my own house right now.
  2. Oh that is awful! No it has never happened to me and I pray it never wiull.

    I hope they catch the robber(s). Did they dust for fingerprints and look for clues, etc.?
  3. Glad everyone is okay and that those things can be replaced. My aunt lives in a cul-de-sac and her neighbor 2 doors down was burglarized in daytime also. My aunt had just installed a security system. Having security measures in place will hopefully make you and your family sleep easier. Does your neighborhood look out for one another?
  4. I know how you feel, my house was robbed 3 times in my past home... I just cant explain the feeling when you know some stranger invaded your property.. It hurts, but it takes some time to get back on your feet... Be glad you weren't hurt..
    I'm sorry this happened to you.. An alarm could help..
  5. DuRoBags, my heart goes out to you. Nobody should ever have to experience this, much less feel unsafe in their own home.

    I am happy that you and your parents are safe. We're here for you!
  6. I forgot to mention the about the fingerprints. The only visible fingerprints where the ones from my mom's jewelry box and when the glass was broken. The robber got pieces of the broken glass and set it on the ground. I was sure that there would be some nice fingerprints just from that. However, the glass was in the sun and any oil that was left from the fingerprints has dried in the sun. There's only the jewelry box and 4 prints were found on it. The sheriffs told us if they get anything then a detective will be in contact and that's about it. Hopefully, there will be a match in their system.
  7. Aww, thank you everyone for your support!

    When we first moved in, the neighborhood was nothing like it is now. The neighborhood has been declining and robberies shouldn't surprise me, but it still doesn't make it right. My neighboors have had their own experiences with break-ins, but the cops can't really do much, since it keeps happening. We just inform each other of what has happened and just take precautions. It also doesn't help that we live in front of a park. :sad:
  8. when i got the robbed the cops didn't do crap.. When I was outside explaining to the cops that I saw the robbers come out of my house.. I spotted them in a car driving off.. they parked near by the bar next to my house.... I yelled "thats the robbers"... the cop slowly got in his cop car and chased them with no luck... They couldn't catch up to them... ughh...

    then they wanted to do an identification, I was the only one who saw the robbers.. But they thought I was to young to do the identification...
  9. Oh man, I'm so sorry!! I always worry that this will eventually happen to me :sad:
  10. I know how you feel. Someone broke into my car several times.

    People like this are scumbags. They need to go and get a job and work for what they want just like everyone else.

    I hope they catch these losers! Please be careful and cautious at all times.
  11. Sorry about the robbery. You should check out the thread about Annemerick she tracked down her robbers. It was exciting. She brought down a bunch of crooks..
  12. I can relate. My house was robbed about 10 years ago. No one was home and there was no sign of forced entry, but they took a lot of mom's jewlery and random other stuff. We think that it was someone who had worked on the house and knew their way around and knew where everything was. But it sounds like you have taken a lot of precautions so this won't happen again. Just remember, robbers are lazy!! That's why they are robbing you in the first place. If it is made more difficult for them to gain entry to your home, I would guess that they will find somewhere else to rob.
  13. This happened in my neighborhood recently also, but they hit during the fireworks on the 4th of July when nearly everyone in the neighborhood was gone. I couldn't sleep for a week.

    But to the OP, I'm glad to hear everyone is safe and that they didn't get *too* much. And I'm glad you're having a security system put in as well, that will definitely help deter them. We have signs all over the place and a couple of my neighbors have really big dogs who aren't too fond of people, so that makes me feel better as well.
  14. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Its always been one of my biggest fears.
    That's why I got my alarm system installed before I even moved anything into my house. I'm in a safe neighborhood, but I still set it whenever I leave, and arm the perimeter at night while I'm sleeping. My system also calls the police automatically when it goes off, so I feel that my house is much safer this way.
  15. I'm sorry this happened to you. If the cops would have listened then the thieves would have been captured.

    I'm also sorry to the other members how have gone through a robbery. It's simply not right for anyone of us to experience such a violation of our own homes.

    I am thinking of getting a dog. We had one, but he passed away... when he was around no dared to get into the house. I miss that security of having a big dog. We do have dogs, but their little and just bark.