My house got robbed yesterday.

  1. Yesterday at 12.45 my neighbour called my mobile to tell me that my house had just been robbed and that the police had been called. I rushed home from work to find the police and my neighbour waiting on me, the intruders had tried to lever open the back bedroom window, when this hadn't worked they broke the kitchen window, the window was double glazed but they still managed to break it. My cats were in the kitchen and are now so scared.
    While the robbery had been in progress another neighbour had called my neighbour Mary to tell her there was a car sitting parked at the end of her road, Mary had went down to see what the were up to and decided to call at my house to make sure everything was ok. She thinks that one of them had still been in the house at this stage, they had closed all the curtains and blinds so that no one could see and they completely ransacked my house. Luckily at this stage my neighbour had disturbed them and they must have made there getaway, exiting via the back bedroom window, leaving my LCD TV and Imac in my backyard.
    They did however steal my laptop, 2 digital cameras, most of my jewelry (I now have only about 5 pieces left), and some old coins. Fortunately all my bags are still here.
    The forensics person left at around 4.00pm after the police had taken statements, forensics found blood and a lot of prints, I'm so hoping that they will catch them, I know that my stuff is gone, but at least will give some peace of mind. :heart:
  2. :sad: Oh my, I am so sorry to hear this has happened to you and I hope that your cats are all right. Poor Baby's.

    I will be praying for you that they catch who ever did this to you.

    Hopefully the finger prints will lead to an arrest I sure hope so be careful and best of luck to you .
    God Bless
  3. I'm sooo sorry that happened to you! What a horrible thing!!!!! I couldn't imagine that happening to me or to anyone for that matter...And the poor kitties, at least they're okay! Its good that your okay and they didn't take too too much even though I know those things probably mean a lot to you!

    I bet they'll be able to catch these low lifes!! :censor:

    Good thing for your neighbors though!!! That's nice that they look out like that!
  4. Oh no!! I'm so sorry!! I hope you catch those bastards!!
  5. hope they catch them-that is awful-hugs**
  6. Thank God you were not in there!!! Your poor kitties! Those damn f*ckers will get what they deserve:cursing:. Are you going to move?
  7. I am so sorry to hear that. Our house was burglarized about 10 years ago, so I know how horrible it is. I wish you the best and send all of positive thoughts during this hard time.
  8. Ah man. So sorry to hear such bad news. I got goosebumps just reading what happend. I'm glad atleast you and your family were not harmed. I hope your cats will be okay.
  9. My goodness, I am so glad to hear that you are alright!! Hopefully they find them soon and are able to recover what was stolen. Thank goodness you are ok!
  10. Oh man. I am sooo sorry to hear that! Just think on the bright side, atleast you werent home! I hope they catch them!
  11. Oh my! I'm glad you and your family (and your bags!) are ok! Hope the police catch these crooks! Can't believe they'd rob someone's house in the middle of the day like that! Lucky your neighbour was about!
  12. Arg! What a horrific experience! I hope they catch these criminals and put them away for a long time!!!
  13. That is awful!!! I hope they catch the a%%holes!!!!!
  14. How horrible. I'm so sorry.
  15. That's awful! I hope they catch them & you get your stuff back. :sad: