My Hot Fendi I got in Hong KOng

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  1. I did not want to pay full price for a bag at this economic climate but when I walked into the Fendi store in Hong KOng, I fell inlove the COLOR is hot!

    The SA told me it was light blue - looks purple to me and the SA could not really speak in English well, so....

    myhkstuff 003.jpg myhkstuff 004.jpg myhkstuff 005.jpg myhkstuff 006.jpg myhkstuff 002.jpg
  2. Does anyone know what this color is called?
  3. I don't know but I love it, so will appriciate the answer as well :biggrin:

    And fantasiatzu- congrats on your new bag!
  4. Very pretty! Congrats!
  5. Gosh!! This is e design tat i like too! U nv gona believe this.. i even dreamt of this bag last nite... I went Hkg in dec.. they did not bring in this stock yet..
    Is this a large size.. w an additional stripe to sling?.. i saw this design in red, black and dark blue.. i have not seen this color b4...
    Congras to your good buy! im still thinking whether to get it cos i just gt a Miu Miu bag frm hkg... sigh!
  6. Btw hw much u paid this in hkg? i cant realli see the attache pic of the receipt...
  7. Congrats it's lovely! Sorry this is my first time seeing this color.
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    Yes this is the one with the extra longer sling.

    They had black, but this one was on the window, I said I wanted a new one but the SA said this the only one, so she took it from window, LOL LOL!

    This is the bigger one there is a smaller one too.

    I paid HK$ Nine thousand something almost 10k Its VERY CHEAp as its only US$ one thousand something.

    I also got a Miu Miu last December but from Saks 40% off hahaha not HK.

    I lso saw a Birkin in Hong Kong Hermes store and I saw a Kelly in Hermes at HK airport.
  9. love this bag! fab color... i have it in black... congrats!
  10. I saw the black, it was fab too, OMG I think I just realized I do not own a single black bag....
  11. I know what you far as shopping on a budget.Sometimes that flies out the door though.This is very cute.Congrats!
  12. Wow!! U r one lucky lady!

    i hv never seen this color.. its unique...goood buy!!
    Over here, there's only 3 colours available... im still thinkin whether to get the black one... *so tempted*

    I like e size of this bag.. its big.. but will it be out of shape if u put little stuffs in?? u knw im juz afraid it look "saggy".
  13. great colour, enjoy!
  14. Wow! Plsss post your fabulous pic and share with us :smile:
  15. The official colour code will be printed on your receipt under the 'Color' column.