My HOT and SPICY Paprika Work....

  1. Well, I haven't posted much lately, but, I just had to brag about this beauty!! :graucho: I searched for months for this bag with no luck until finally, my favorite girl Erica came through for me in a big way.:tup: I think out of all the bags that have come and gone (FYI, A LOT), this one is my absolute FAVORITE!! :heart: It is my go to bag for sure :yes: Thanks E! Your the best girl!!!


    Paprika 001.JPG Paprika 006.JPG
  2. what an awesome find!! I was just thinking about this color pretty !:drool:

    Was paprika called another name?
  3. :drool::drool: OMGGGG what a beautiful color! I love the work size, I want one! Her leather looks perfectly slouchy and thick and amazing! Congrats!!
  4. What a gorgeous bag! Congratulations!
  5. I *love* it!! It's absolutely gorgeous!

    What year is this? Mmm, it looks so soft and airy I just want to hug it!
  6. :woohoo: Purse-Ooooh, congrats!!
    This is really a spicy work... with a gorgeous leather.
    You'll enjoy her for sure!
  7. Thanks girls!! She has the BEST leather EVER!! This is from 2007, a/k/a Rouille
  8. OMG purse, that is TDF!!:drool: I love the color, leather, size, just everything about it! I'm looking for a Paprika City myself and that color is so hard to find......lucky you!!:tup:
  9. Wow, what a beauty! I love it in the work size!!! Congrats... that leather kicks a@s!
  10. great leather, great pics:wtf:
  11. :drool::drool::love:
  12. GORGEOUS bag!
  13. Congrats "D".:yahoo:It is gorgeous. :nuts::drool:
  14. congratulations! ~ that's the first paprika i've seen without gsh ~ & it's gorgeous! :love:
  15. i can see why it is ur favorite!!! it is gorgeous! and I LOVE LOVE the paprika color!!!! congrats!